To select Study Plans, or CNC Cutting Files for this boat please use the drop-down menu above. Have a look at our Build Logs section for a comprehensive gallery of build photos on this boat. A dingy or yacht tender leads a rough life , being dragged up on many a rocky shoreline or bashing against encrusted piers. I receive lots of comments on this vessel, including that it’s the perfect boat for around here (southeast Alaska) and many people are amazed that I put it together myself as a first welding and boat building project.
Have a look at our Build Logs section for a comprehensive gallery of build photos from Australian builder Peter Weston.

The licensing price includes a complete set of the designers plans for this boat, as well as the CNC files and assembly drawings from us.
From the design table of award winning South African designer Dudley Dix , the Pratique 35 is a robust go anywhere yacht.
Cradle: The CNC Kit contains all the plate alignment components that can be cut from plate, and assembly drawings for the cradle as well. The hull plates are assembled in a cradle that can be used to lift the plates into position as well. The "scuppers" all around under the rub-rails afford plenty of places for tying lines or attaching canvas for cushioning bumpers while along side the mother ship.

Including all hull plates, fuel and water tanks, rudder, cabin, cockpit, stringers, frames, chain plates, and propane lockers.

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