Key Largo - The clerk at a Key Largo gas station and convenience store called 911 to report being robbed at gun point this morning (Monday).
The victim said a man wearing a t-shirt wrapped around his head walked into the store at 3 a.m. Summerland Key - A Crime Stopper tip led Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies to the apprehension of federal fugitive, 50-year old Juan J. Barrios was taken to the county detention center on Stock Island where he will be held until picked up by agents of the U.S. Yamaha 225 four stroke engines like these are particularly popular with boat motor thieves. Monroe County - Sheriff's detectives say they are in need of the publics assistance tackling the ongoing problem of boat motor thefts.
So far this year, Detective Mike DiGiovanni says there have been approximately 73 boat motors stolen in the Keys. To that end, Crime Stoppers is offering a minimum of a $500 reward for information leading to the felony arrest of someone caught stealing a boat motor. The Sheriff's Office recommends that if you have a boat on a trailer, you park it in a location which makes it difficult for thieves. Stock Island - Detectives from the Sheriff's Special Investigations Division served a search warrant on Stock Island Friday, followed by a drug operation targeting people wanting to purchase crack cocaine.
Key West Police and the Sheriff's Special Weapons and Tactics Team assisted with the drug operation.
Stock Island - A Stock Island man was arrested for bank robbery today after he robbed the same bank two days in a row.
Following today's robbery, Nicholson fled on foot and employees of the bank immediately notified the Sheriff's Office. Stock Island - A suspect who passed a note demanding cash robbed the Stock Island Branch of First State Bank this afternoon. Employees described the suspect as a white male, approximately six feet tall, who was between 35 and 40 years old and had long blonde hair that was braided and stuck under a light colored ball cap. Sheriff’s deputies set up a perimeter for several blocks around the bank, but could not locate the suspect. Marathon - A Marathon man was arrested Sunday night after he flashed a badge, identified himself as a law enforcement officer, and brandished a handgun in front of witnesses on the old Seven Mile Bridge. A family, planning on fishing together on the bridge said they were unpacking their van when 24 year old Ellis Paul approached them just before 9 p.m.
Paul was charged with aggravated assault, improper exhibition of a firearm, resisting arrest and impersonating a law enforcement officer. Marathon - A Marathon man was arrested Friday in the early morning hours, charged with robbery. The victim told Deputy Robin Tanner and Deputy Derek Paul she was walking along the highway near 41st Street just before 6 a.m. Key Largo - A deputy who stopped a vehicle for speeding recovered an auto stolen from Miami-Dade County in May and arrested the driver Saturday morning. Deputy John Perez clocked the black Honda Accord traveling northbound at 73 miles per hour near the 102 mile marker just before 6 a.m. Deputy Perez ran the name and date of birth with no results, and the social security number came back to a woman. Sugarloaf Key - A Key West man who fled from deputies at high speeds Saturday in the early morning hours was arrested after he finally pulled over on Sugarloaf Boulevard. Deputies Brian Kibbe and Evan Calhoun were parked at the 7 mile marker of the highway just before 1 a.m. Mathews was charged with fleeing and eluding police, reckless driving, and, after marijuana and smoking pipe were found in his purse on the front seat, he was charged with possession those illegal items as well. Few things can rival the thrill of slicing through the open water in your own motor boat, and as far as boats go they’re one of the easiest to operate. If you have a pretty hefty sum of money kicking around that needs spending, or you’ve just won the lottery, then you may just want to head out and buy a nice shiny brand new motor boat.
Here’s a quick rundown of my advice for both finding and checking a motor boat before you commit to handing over your hard earned money. One of the things I rely on when looking at any kind of second hand boat, whether it’s a motor boat or a yacht, is gut instinct. When you’re looking around a motor boat check the basics such as how clean it is, whether the fabric of the seats has been cared for, whether there are star shaped fractures on the underside or evidence of a water line inside.
A problem I have found with motor boats in the past is that very often people use them plenty during the summer months but when it comes to the winter they will leave them sitting in a garage or shed. The reason is that whilst a motor boat is being run the oil is lubricating the engine and keeping things in good shape. My advice is to always ask to see the boat in use in the water if at all possible, and if you aren’t an expert on motor boats then it might be worth paying a little extra by hiring the service of a marine surveyor who will be able to evaluate the seaworthiness of your boat, which is particularly helpful when it comes to getting your boat insured. Technology is moving forward at blistering speeds and today’s modern outboard boat motor is utilizing this technology to become faster, lighter, greener and more efficient than anything that has been produced in the past.

Honda’s BF250 outboard is a shining example of what new technology is being used and how it effects engine performance. One technological advancement that is unique to Honda’s BF250 is the new direct air dual induction system. These are just a few of the improvements that have gone into one model of one manufacturer’s engine.
Glenn Hayes is a writer and photographer based out of west central Florida and has marine industry background spanning almost a quarter century.
I’m all for on-board motors, they seem to be more powerful than other motors because they can be mounted more heavily. He says a particular problem is Yamaha engines, and the 225 HP Yamahas seem to be the most popular with thieves. Over a two hour period, undercover operatives sold crack cocaine to seven people who were subsequently arrested. Lair was charged with purchasing cocaine and with destruction of evidence after he swallowed the drugs during the course of his arrest. Batista was charged with purchasing cocaine and also with destruction of evidence for swallowing the drug during his arrest. Detectives were in the area investigating Thursday's robbery and were able to respond within minutes.
Robbing a bank is a federal crime and falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. When he pulled the car over, the driver claimed he couldn't find the insurance or registration because the car belonged to his sister.
If you visit the owner who is selling the boat and you talk to them face to face you’ll often get a feeling as to whether you can rely on them to be completely truthful or not.
Star shaped fractures on the hull can indicate excessive crashing through waves at high speed, which could result in expensive repairs being due sooner rather than later, and an internal water line is a sure sign that it’s been flooded at some point.
I actually like to see an engine that’s a little grubby, and as you would expect it, because this gives you a better idea of whether there are any leaks.
Once a motor boat is left sitting idle the oil is no longer keeping things in good condition, and rubber gaskets and seals can dry up, shrink and crack. In order to meet stricter emissions restrictions, higher fuel costs and ever more educated and demanding consumers, technologies of all kinds are being applied. Some technology used is exclusive to Honda Marine but many technological advances are also used by other manufacturers in one form or another and each purports their own unique advantages.
The first of its kind on a production motor this system allows air to circulate and enter the engine from two air intakes. Again, a technology that is used by other manufacturers in various forms, Burn Control adjusts for leaner air to fuel mixtures at cruising speeds (in the 3000-4500 range) allowing for up to as much as 20% savings in fuel consumption.
By adjusting for a richer setting when the throttle body opens along with an advance in ignition timing allowing for a boost of power when throttling up rapidly. Among other features Honda employs a special multi layer paint system while other manufacturers have gone to new alloy composites and anti corrosive finishes. There are many more and each and every new outboard on the market has a plethora of new technology and features that warrant a good look.
The motors are actually four-stroke engines like those found in automobiles, only adapted for marine use. With millions of vehicles listed from thousands of dealers nationwide you are sure to find the perfect vehicle. A warrant check confirmed that Barrios, who was using the alias Juan Barrios-Marquez, was wanted out of Lake County, Florida on a federal warrant for violation of probation on a felony marijuana charge. The anonymous Crime Stopper tipster will be eligible for a reward of up to one thousand dollars. During the search detectives found crack cocaine and a pipe used to smoke the illegal substance. He walked up to the teller, told her he was there yesterday and wanted to do the same thing today.
Bank employees told investigators that the suspect, after taking the money, walked out of the building and then walked across McDonald Avenue.
Crime Stoppers will pay a one thousand dollar cash reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect. He demanded to see their fishing license and, when they told him to leave them alone, he said he had a gun and would shoot them if they came too close to him. When back up officers arrived, Deputy Perez approached the passenger in the car and asked her who the driver was. Deputy Kibbe pulled out and attempted to stop the vehicle using his lights and siren, but it sped up. Certainly there are plenty of second hand motor boats available, but what should you look for when buying a second hand motor boat?
Then when you do take the boat out on the water it isn’t long before your engine needs a major repair job doing.

Efficiency and greater power is the result of some of this technology and it is achieved in various ways. The alternator output is adjusted when needed by increasing the idle 100 RPMs and produces nine additional amps.  Other outboard manufacturers have somewhat similar systems and some have also changed out their alternators for smaller, lighter and higher output rare earth magnet alternators. Other manufacturers such as Evinrude in their V-Tec models also control the mixture and even the amount of combustion depending on speed and RPMs to save fuel. Mercury improves its low end response with the use of a supercharger in its Verados, They and others such as Suzuki also use beefier gear ratios and improved materials to improve low end torque. One glance at the spec sheet of any motor and you will see that it is not your father’s outboard. The motor powers a drive shaft that connects to a propeller near the stern (or back) of the boat. In smaller boats the motor itself has a handle used for turning, but most outboard motors are controlled by the steering wheel. Each engine has an application in which they thrive, but outboards can handle a wider selection of boating activities well. Besides wearing the white t-shirt around his head, he was wearing green colored pants and gloves. If a call to crime stoppers results in a felony arrest, the caller would be eligible for a cash reward. Crime Stopper tips, so far this year, have assisted local law enforcement in 16 felony arrests, including the apprehension of six fugitives. The engine thefts take place throughout the Keys, but most of the large engines are stolen in the upper Keys.
69 year old Antonio Herrera was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and paraphernalia. Deputies also arrived and Nicholson was caught after Deputy Vincent Catala spotted him running through a nearby trailer park. Several others on the bridge said Paul had also harassed them, demanding to see their fishing licenses and going through their coolers taking things out of them.
Natta was arrested, charged with robbery, and he was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center. He claimed his name was Carlos Gonzalez and gave Deputy Perez a birth date and social security number. As he followed the car north, it appeared that the driver was begriming to lose control, swerving back and forth on the roadway. The other intake also cools but also removes moisture from the air and creates dense dry air, which is then inducted into the throttle body allowing for improved combustion.
Other manufactures such as Mercury and Yamaha have special settings for trolling to adjust the motor for peak fuel performance at these low speeds.
They have all come a long way and it will be fun to see where they are in just a few short years. A rudder behind the propeller changes the boat’s direction as you control the steering wheel. If you have a boat in the water or mounted on davits, make sure the area is well lighted at night. Finally the Honda turned off the highway on Sugarloaf Boulevard and pulled over the side of the road. Being able to easily remove, replace and exchange engines is a priceless quality of outboards. Thursday, handed the teller a note demanding money and she complied by handing over her cash. He fought with the officers, yelling that he had a right to check licenses, and that he owned the whole area from the Seven Mile Bridge to Coco Plum. A check of the car's Vehicle Identification Number showed it to have been stolen in May from Miami-Dade County. With such a wide variety of outboards available, you’re far more likely to find your desired engine at a lower price, closer to home than with an inboard motor. Detectives say the engines are being taken both from boats in the water and boats on trailers. Carbonell was arrested, charged with grand theft auto, driving without a license and falsely identifying himself to a law enforcement officer and he was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center. 53 year old Rex Mathews, who was dressed in a semi-transparent pink dress and high heels, told the deputies he fled from them because he was embarrassed about the way he was dressed.

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