Boat Neck Blouse designs are getting immensely popular amongst saree lovers across the globe. Typically while selecting a blouse pattern women select the front neck very carefully whereas blouse back is something they aren’t found to be very selective about. If you are selecting boat neck blouse designs for your saree, we are sure you will admire the following designs which are graceful and very appealing. Maria Sokolovski aka Mia aka Neha Dalvi has gained huge popularity ever since she did a campaign for Seasons. A very elegant yet not so flashy boat neck blouse design which will look perfect on slightly light Sarees. A very fashionable and somewhat flashy boat neck design which features mainly on blouse back.

Kareena Kapoor Khan shows her designer boat neck blouse design which can be worn with Saree, Lehengas or even western wear. Deepika Padukone is a fashion diva, be it western wear or Indian wear she is a synonym of elegance. Kajol’s designer gave a special treatment to her boat neck blouse design by using lot of net around the upper neck area. Kareena Kapoor’s boat neck blouse design is perfect for very simple chiffon based sarees. It is believed that choosing a saree and most importantly blouse design should be per your body type.
Checkout how she has matched her carefully cut, perfect boat neck blouse design with a matching necklace.

This is a very fashionable boat neck blouse pattern which will look simply awesome on western wears. These boat neck blouse patterns not only attract an eyeball but also look very chick & feminine.

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