One can't offer standing headroom in that size boat without compromising stability and looks. Under the cockpit floor, we show a fixed fuel tank, ideal for a four-stroke engine but if you need more range, there is room for a second tank. Under the nicely cambered pilothouse roof, the rear frame of the pilothouse doubles as a grabrail. The skipper will find enough room in front of the wheel to mount electronics and we use the extension of the cabin roof as a dashboard.
Access to the cabin is through an open companionway but feel free to install a sliding hatch.
The pilothouse can be partially or completed closed with Plexiglas or Lexan but builders should keep the size of the boat in mind and not make the topsides too heavy or excessively increase windage. We show a small hatch in the roof for light and ventilation, no portholes but they are easy to add. The HMD18 can be made unsinkable with expandable buoyancy foam under the sole while foam sheets glued under the gunwales will guarantee upright floatation. Designed to look related to the legendary Calkin’s Bartender, the Timbercoast is a slower and more economical solution to long days on the water. Power Pogy 6 Meter (19'6") Family Outboard Cruiser, could cruise a family of four along many coasts.
Alder is one of ten power boat designs created for the article “Power Boat Design, Form and Function” PDF, published in Wooden Boat #137. Using our guide of one horsepower per 500 lbs, Alder needs about 5HP to attain her cruising speed. Location: Maryland You may want to look at getting a engine-jet unit out of a jet ski. Location: British Columbia, Canada I have heard of people sucking small gravel into the jet intake in shallows too. I pretty much have my mind made up im going ahead with a monohull welded jon boat design.I have looked at countless sights on the web and Im finding that hard numbers for a 16 ft. I missed seeing this thread earlier so maybe your boat is done now and my comment will be of no use. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
I have just finished construction of our pontoons and have a question about how much weight the pontoons can take. So if your pontoons weight roughly 4.0 tonne, you can add roughly up to 27 tonne of weight before you sink the pontoons to half their depth. Location: Eustis, FL I would think SketchUp would provide rudimentary volumetric information, what about this info are you having difficulty?
Location: Australia With a slight variation, the hulls could have been made to resemble giant pencils, right down to a sharpened lead point ! Location: Eustis, FL Houseboatuser, the weights should be estimated, before you finalize your pontoon volumes, not after. Location: New Zealand Also is there a way to calculate the centre of gravity of the pontoons given the plans?
Location: Eustis, FL I would think SketchUp would be able to provide this information as well? Dose any houseboat enthusiast outthere have detailed plans for houseboat pontoon construction for loading capacity of 35-40 metric tons for river cruising. Location: Melbourne Australia Steel Pontoon Design Do you have design details for large commercial steel pontoons 20 meters length with approx 35 metric tonne displacement for 2.

Like I said I don't have detailed plans for your request, but I have some experience in pontoon design or houseboat design and I can make detailed plans for you. Timbercoast Troller Designed to look related to the legendary Calkin’s Bartender the Timbercoast is a slower and Thomas More stinting solution to long days on. It uses a true displacement hull that is suited for lower speed and has low power requirements. The self-bailing cockpit sole is high enough to stay above the waterline until the displacement reaches 3,300 lbs.
The fuel tank fittings end up under the motorwell to make connections and access to a fuel filter as easy as possible: no need for chase tubes, easy installation of all hoses. With a deep keel directional stability is great and she is controllable with the small sails set. Speeds up to 7 knots are achieved with a 22 HP inboard diesel engine. I have drawn in the 290 lb, 35 year old Volvo Penta MD 1 diesel, producing 7HP at 2300 RPM. Another rule of thumb is that the hull is only twenty percent of a boat's cost, and the hull and deck is twenty-five percent. CANADA Thanks for your responses.Im hoping to start drawing the new boat this weekend.
I assume that the shape you are using is half of a cone so that both the width and the height gets smaller. Basically what I need to know is how heavy can my house part of the boat be to safely stay afloat. If you go over that she wont move very far or fast and you will also then start to compromise #2, the stability.
The pontoon must always remain at level trim and when you use consumables, the trim should remain as level as possible, or trim slightly aft.
My comments are simply that ideally, you'll want the pontoons half submerged with a full load. A naval architect I've approached needs the weight of the pontoons (which I've already worked out) and centre of gravity to plug into his model analysis. 1200 sections are usually hexagon or octagon design formed out of two sheets of 1200x2400 mm sheet ( 3mm) galv steel.
What we kept from the original hull was the high bow and a very similar nice classic sheer line. Better propulsion options are 4 stroke outboards in the 8-15 HP range, especially those engines that have high reduction ratio gearboxes and slower turning propellers.
A fixed fuel tank is not required: portable tanks can be installed under the seats or secured in the cockpit. Overnight accommodations including galley, porta-pottie, double berth, and the smallest wood heating stove.  She can go to Alaska or across the bay.
This type of boat is ideal as a harbour cruiser, inshore fisherman, or island support boat. Maybe even a paddle-wheel arrangement (seems like the perfect thing for shallow rivers, eh?). If you look under the inboard utilities & runabouts you'll find designs that could be easily developed in aluminum. Does anyone make a tunnel so that the area stays realatively constant throughout its lenght.
Because the Lines plan is used to establish the hydrostatic and stability characteristics of your vessel.
You have bit fore and aft of this, but for simplicity lets call the overall length 11.50 to account for these bits.

This is full up, with as many guests as practical, full tanks, full stores, everything, with the 'toons still only half submerged. These boat plans at once include 21 ft and twenty-five ft versions displacement boat plans.
For one thing the Volvo produces 5HP at 1500 RPM, which is so much easier to listen to than the outboards 4500 or so. So economy in the basic structure can go along ways toward making the whole thing affordable.
And if you want a boat that can also run up on the gravel shingle, particularly look at his Sea Bright Skiff tunnel designs (also protect the propeller really well). It would seem that it would help ram water into the void to fill the tunnel no matter its height (similar to some air inducted hoods). Of course this means you need the weights of things and their arrangement around the boat, so you can calculate how it'll trim come launch day. William Atkin John Atkin billy club angstrom unit deep heavy displacement hull can move through with the piss within the.
She will be fuel efficient and comfortable in rougher conditions, compared to her faster sister ships. But the outboard is much smoother you say, this is true, but I can work on the Volvo with a hammer and a couple of metric wrenches. Another area for economy is outfit, no sensible builder will look twice at a design specifying a 35 year old antique engine, he or she wants something available off the shelf. You might be able to use a slow turning prop with a big surface area partially submerged, akin to a surface drive. One nice thing about Atkin designs - they're tried and tested and the ones on the website are intended for home builders.
Its a dream so just been trying to get my head around everything considering I dont have a builders background but it is a passion.
So everyone else thinks as it has been voted 'Most livable City in the World' for 2 years recently. The pilothouse is just right: one can sit with good clearance above his head but see above it when standing in the cockpit. When the outboard throws a fit I must take it to the nearest Factory Trained Technician, besides, the Volvo's slow, steady, thump is appropriate to Alder, and the weight will steady her down.
When you put a tunnel into a hull, particularly in a small boat you sacrifice valuable buoyancy.
All the Sea Bright tunnel drives handle rough water (as much as you'll find in your fishing area) very well. The cabin is almost the same, with the addition of about 1' on the aft end to give a bit more room for galley counters. In a small boat like you want, you might just be able to use a regular outboard with a shallow draft johnboat.
You could put an extended skeg on the leg to warn you when you're getting into trouble, maybe even rig it so your motor tilts up when the skeg drags on something (reversing would be a bugger though, if the leg is free).

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