For information please contact the concessionaire directly at (727) 687-7151 or see Angler 360° website.
In adherence with the County’s fee schedule for boat ramp parks, parking costs $6 per day for vehicles with trailers and $2 per day for passenger vehicles.
Beckett Rankine is currently working for the RNLI on the design, procurement and construction of a replacement afloat berth for the Torbay all-weather lifeboat.
The design approach adopted minimised the costs of site investigation works and total costs through collaboration with contractors to develop the cost effective solution. Our approach as lead designer and technical advisor has involved close collaboration with all stakeholders to efficiently obtain consents for the schemes. Construction solar Powered Lighting - Job Site Perimeter Security Lighting Solar Powered If you can dream it, We can illuminate!. SYSTEM OPERATION: The system converts the suns energy into electricity and stores it to provide up to twelve hours of light plus three days worth of backup energy.

Extend your operating time: dusk to down (14-17 hours) you may have to add plug-in depending on your zone.
The facility offers 108 boat trailer parking spaces, 98 passenger car spaces, a fishing pier, four courtesy docks and 10 boat launching lanes. Unique challenges included maintaining 50 percent of the boat ramps and associated parking at all times. Construction work is due to start shortly and will involve a new state of the art pontoon with a refurbished access ramp and new landside development to house the RNLI shop. The pontoon and mooring arrangements for the vessel are secured by four rock socketed piles. We have lead public consultations and worked closely with the statutory authorities and the tendering contractors to minimise the impact of the construction. Alternate propulsion systems such as water jet or surface drives would be an option especially if speeds greater than 20 knots are required.

About $1.5 Million of the costs were bulkhead and seawall renovation, new docks and floating docks as well as boat ramp repair. This will improve the safe access to and mooring of the Severn class lifeboat and ensure the retail facility remains above foreseeable storm water surge levels. Our design team have developed bespoke elements including the brow bearings and easily maintainable navigation lights.
Utilising our in house diving Engineer, early services included a diving inspection of the berth and adjacent structures to ensure a high quality and versatile survey. Our services now concentrate on supervision of the construction works to ensure the intended design is achieved on site.

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