Cute Little Cottage on Beaver Lake ArkansasHave One Vacation with-in Two Worlds… Beaver Lake, Rogers Arkansas and all of Northwest Arkansas!
A SNAPSHOT VIEW… A PHOTO Visit AT Cute Little CottagePictures worth a 1000 words… See what a stay at this Cabin gives YOU!
Visit the marina for all your boating, fishing, and water sport needs, and to meet the Callaghans … really great people! I’d love to hear from you… leave me a note on the form to your left, I’ll get back to you right away! The Boat Ramp At Horseshoe Bend on Beaver lake Is only a minute away from the Vacation Cabin!

It’s an quick drive over to the park and you can choose to park your trailer there, or back in the circle drive at the cabin.
Horseshoe Bend Marina has a large free boat launch ramp allowing easy access to Center Hill Lake. Below are the Marinas On Beaver Lake Arkansas and a brief list of the services they provide to make our time on the lake so much more enjoyable… be it a refreshing cold drink or a box of worms… they provide a great service to us that use the lake! There are 6 other marinas located on Beaver Lake, which are located within individual Corps campgrounds. The marinas are full service marinas and provide the following services: gasoline,  slip rentals, groceries and snacks,  Boat rentals and water related rentals are available.

If you need a boat for a day of fishing, water skiing or just cruising and relaxing on the water Horseshoe Bend has a boat to fill your need.

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