Island Marine Rentals Florida offering thrilling marine rentals which includes 24' Avalon Tropic Tri-Toon Boat.
Under the Bridge Watersports makes it easy to buy online and then call to make a reservation at 410-289-FAST(3278)! Come by and see the party barge and talk to the staff about what will make your party or team event so much fun on the water! Our Captains and crew will not only look out for the safety of you and your guests, but they will take your charter to the best part of the lake to make the party as best it can be to satisfy your guests. Weekends and Holidays fill up fast, so if you are thinking of a party or a team event, get it on our calendar now.
The picture doesn't do it justice, you really have to see our 2 story 17' by 50' monster party barge to believe it.
Take a relaxing day away from it all & have picnic or swim on this beautiful 25' pontoon boat.
If the dates you prefer are available, please call us at 517-206-4916 or to make a reservation today!.
In this page you can check all photos, features and pricing of our magnificent sailing boat Beneteau Cyclades 393 that we are offering for rent a boat Ibiza.
This beautiful sailboat offered for rent a boat in Ibiza, has 3 double cabins and 2 bathrooms. Our Cyclades 393 charter boat in Ibiza is fully equipped with the latest technological advances that will allow our guests to enjoy a smooth navigation and increase the comfort of the crew. On the table below you will find different fee to rent our boat in Ibiza, Beneteau Cyclades 39, for the 2015 season. Although this sailboat is usually rented without skipper, logically, if our customers do not have the required nautical license or simply wish to hire a professional skipper to enjoy the best holidays in Ibiza and Formentera without being concerned about the boat, then we are happy to offer you the possibility of hiring a skipper for 1,050 euros a week plus food.

If the boat is ready before 16:00 logically our customers can board the boat as soon as boat is available.
In the event that our customers want to stay overnight on board the night from Friday to Saturday, there will be an additional charge of 90 euros. Embarking takes place at the Yacht Club in San Antonio (Es Nautic), west of the island of Ibiza. The day usually starts at 12:00 but we are happy to start earlier (and finish earlier) at your convenience. Boat will have a captain and might have an additional person as crew member on board helping the captain.
When the sailboat is rented only for the day, the entire cockpit and outside surface of the boat is available for our customers.
The cabins are prepared with bedsheets and towels only for weekly charters, not for daily charters. I wish to rent this boat Beneteau Cyclades 393 for 7 days, flexible between 15 and 25 august.
I’m looking for a boat (8 people and one of us is skipper) from 15 to 22 of August, can you send me some options? All boat renters will be asked to fill and sign this (or similar) contract before renting boat. The new, easy-operation fleet is equipped with life jackets, cruise chart and safety equipment including GPS positioning for your added safety.
Custom built to carry up to 50 people with a gas grill, rest room, satellite radio and a crew to take you to your party on the lake.
The lake offers an endless array of water sport opportunities for individuals seeking recreation and relaxation.

We can comfortably host 6 people or even up to 8 guests if you are willing to use the living room sofa as bed. This awesome ship has been designed with very elaborate lines both aesthetically and hydrodynamically speaking. See luxurious mansions from the water, enjoy lunch at beautiful Marco Island, take the family fishing in Naples’ calm bay all at your own pace or enjoy the beach for a swim or shelling experience. Since there are two bathrooms you will be really comfortable aboard this boat rental in Ibiza.
She is also equipped with a great awning to cast a nice shadow on the cockpit and a spray hood for the few days in which too much wind could make our guests uncomfortable on this great boat rental in Ibiza and Formentera.
In the bow area we can find the third double cabin, next to a private bathroom with access from inside this cabin. On the other hand, if you want to save that weight in you suitcase, then we can provide you with linens and towels, for an additional cost of 15 euros per person. The cockpit is quite large and offers a lot of living space, perfect for the summer months. In any case, the total average fuel comsuption for a week usually does not exceed 70 or 80 euros. Another option could be great as well : to rent a boat just as a hotel, no need for a skipper we could stay in the port.

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