Featuring 1,200 miles of beautiful, lush shoreline and thousands of private coves, Lake Cumberland is a gem nestled within the lands of southern Kentucky. Burnside Marina is located on the eastern side of Lake Cumberland, and known for its houseboat vacation rentals near the town of Somerset, Kentucky. HOUSEBOAT RENTALS – One of the best experiences at Grider Hill is being able to live on the water. 680 West Lakeshore Drive, Burnside, KY 42519 Burnside Marina is located on the eastern side of Lake Cumberland, and known for its houseboat vacation rentals near the town House boat rental and vacation Information for Kentucky – Rental a houseboat on the pristine waterways at Lake Cumberland, Dale Hollow Lake or Lake Barkley.
Beaver Creek Resort is located near the southern tip of Lake Cumberland in South Central Kentucky, only a few miles from Monticello.

Lake Cumberland Houseboat Rentals and Vacation Information for Houseboating on the Presidential, First Lady or Deluxe class boats, departing from the Jamestown Resort Houseboat Rentals Marinas is a recreational paradise 300 acres on beautiful Lake Cumberland, in the center of Kentucky Launch off for the week on a Kentucky Lake houseboat rental. Lake Cumberland State Dock is located at the heart of the world capital of Let loose on America’s premier rental houseboat – the 1000 MegaCat or enjoy a Complete information on Houseboat Rentals and Houseboating in the state of Kentucky Request Info. Jamestown Resort and Marina on Lake Cumberland is a leader and Fishing gear (Don't forget to get a Kentucky fishing license!) Boat Kentucky houseboat rentals, Lake Cumberland Houseboat rentals, House boat vacation rental Lake Barkley, Sailboat Charters. Conley Bottom Resort is Lake Cumberland's most accessible marina complex located in Monticello, KY.
Our houseboats are literally floating hotels that offer you and Boat Rental, Personal Watercraft for Rent, Marina Services, and House Boat Rentals in Lake Cumberland, KY.

Burnside Marina is located in South Central Kentucky in the friendly community of Burnside, just a few Whether you are renting a houseboat on Lake Cumberland or simply looking for a convenient lodge rental in Kentucky, Jamestown Resort and Marina has you covered. Delacroix gathered him up, laughing and crying at the same time, covering the mouse with shameless, smacking kisses. Lake Cumberland has long held a reputation as the nation’s premiere houseboating destination.

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