Renting a boat can be a wonderful way to explore Lake Geneva.  Below are the boat rental companies that we know of on this lake. We offer one of the widest selection of rental power boats, from family runabouts to personal watercraft in the Lake Geneva area. Started in 1997, Bennington® has a well-deserved reputation for uncompromising quality.
You're in for a smooth ride on the Lake Geneva with the wide beam design of these fine open-bow craft.
This personal 2013 Yamaha Wave Runner VX1100 holds 2-3 persons for an exhilarating thrill ride. The EndeavourcatI offers a perfect blend of spacious interior accommodations and performance for the cruising family. We're passionate about traveling with kids and want families everywhere to love it as much as we do.
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The Ciao Bambino!Editorial section is richwith trip ideas, itineraries and destination details for traveling with children.
Taking a boat tour on the lake is an essential activity for visits when the weather is nice (spring through the early fall).
First and foremost, bookmark the website for — this is the website for the Compagnie Generale de Navigation (CGN) sur Le Lac Leman and it is the directory for all routes and timetables.
The tourist office suggests a trip on one of the paddle steamer ships where kids can see up close how these old boats run. Over the summer months there are enough ships where it is easy to get off for a few hours and catch another boat home.
I haven’t been to any of these suggested venues yet but will do so in the upcoming months and report back on the blog. You can also combine rail and boat passes at train stations and the Lausanne and Geneva ports.

We went first class on our last boat trip and I liked the fact that you have more room to move around and choose seating.
Pricing is based on the number of kilometers, but as a general rule, First Class is about 33% more.
We were in Switzerland too this summer, in Lake Lugano, it’s absolutely beautiful but very expensive compared to the rest of Europe!
Yes, Anna, I was just looking at getting down to Lake Lugano and actually couldn’t believe how expensive it is.
Thank you for the many great tipps for travelling Europe with kids, I am organizing a destination wedding on Lake Geneva including family with kids and your website is extremely helpful in setting up a program that will be suitable for them, too.
And don’t forget that in summer you can (almost?) always find a beach to swim on the lake in every stop of the boat.
Boat Rentals, Waverunner rentals, and Charter sailboats within three blocks of Eleven Gables Inn. Located two blocks from Eleven Gables Inn on Wrigley Drive they rental a large selection of power boats, pontoons, and wave runners. Two blocks from Eleven Gables Inn in downtown Lake Geneva from wave runners to pontoon boats.
The spring kayaking season is roaring down the White River outside Lake Geneva this year, with the resent heavy rains, the river is really ripping. Power and Associates Award for Express Cruisers three times in a row, and the NMMA Award for highest satisfaction in sport boats. Bennington pontoon boats are considered one of the best built, and backed by numerous CSI awards, the boating industry’s recognition of strong customer satisfaction. This great pontoon boat is an excellent alternative to a speedboat for a smoother, more comfortable ride.
For your boating pleasure, this boat offers great stability and comfort with the extra third pontoon. The shoal draft and moderate sail plan allow the cruiser to explore areas inaccessible to the average boat.

Favorite options include Geneva to Yvoire medieval village in France and Lausanne to Montreux and Chateau de Chillon.
We enjoyed ourselves but next time I’d leave more time for one of the shore excursions below.
You can buy your ticket at the port before boarding or even at the desk on the ship (same price). I can’t imagine it would be fun to take one of these boats with kids in terrible weather when everyone is locked inside so plan accordingly. The launching place most of the local kayaks take off from is on Sheridan Springs Road in the Township of Lyons.  Going north on Sheridan Springs Road outside of Lake Geneva from Edwards Boulevard the first two bridges are where most locals launch from. In addition, Bennington has earned repeated JD Power awards, since the independent research firm began awarding honors to pontoon manufacturers.
At the foot of the Alps, the color of the lake is ever-changing and there are moments when it’s ocean-like with surf and waves. I was fairly overwhelmed when I first tried to figure out how to choose the best tour for outings with kids so I interviewed the Montreux Riviera tourist office for some insider tips and advice. It is recommended, however, to make reservations head of time for any meal-specfic cruises.
Free gas included, free one-on-one orientation to make sure you are comfortable with the operation of your boat. The interior improvements include 6-foot headroom and enlarged seating in the salon, with increased window area for more visibility and light, as well as increased water tankage.

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