Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! A jet skier was killed by the Tahoe Queen “which goes by Nevada Beach on the return trip from Emerald Bay” the jet skier was riding the wake of the Tahoe Queen. It is a favorite place for water skiers, jet skiers and the return trip of the Tahoe Queen. NevadaBeach is also a catch all for all the garbage and debris from the west shore and north shore. If you are looking for a nice place to relax do yourself a favor and go to Zephyr Cove, Sand Harbor El Dorado Beach , Keva Beach , Baldwin Beach or Camp Richardson . Looking at the rental prices made me realize how long it has been since I rented a boat at Willow Beach. Come visit the tropical waters of the Florida Keys and fish them from one of our sport fishing boats.
JavaScript Disabled, Please change browser settings to display all features of the Website. Cayman Islands Boat Rentals is the only watersports operater on-island that enables guests to rent their own boat to experience their own personal adventure. The Lobster Pot boat launch ramp, this location is best for boating or riding the Waverunner on the world famous Seven Mile Beach. For excursions to Stingray City, Rum Point and the North Sound area - which is our boating playground - the launch ramp located at the North Sound Barcadere is used. Minimum rent time for "Bayliner" and "Sierra-7" boats is 1 hour, - for "Samson" boat is 3 hours. About this site:This site was created by people that love Lake Lewisville and love the outdoors.
Contact UsIf you have any questions about this site or Lake Lewisville, please contact us through our Contact Page.

They have a variety of boats that are well-maintained and are fueled and delivered so that all you have to do is jump on-board and enjoy the Cayman Islands waters. View the Plan Your Journey section to see details of each location and other points of interest and recommendations for sites to see while boating or jet skiing.
The sense of freedom from owning your boat in the Cayman Islands can now be achieved by every visitor wanting to explore our azure waters. But you are going out on a body of water that you may be unfamiliar with so it is best to take precautions before renting a boat. Make sure you have a cell phone on the boat and the phone number or numbers of the boat rental company you used.
If you are not on the lake more than a few times a year, renting a boat makes financial sense as well.
My wife doesn't like to fish, so even though I keep bringing it up, we never manage to get to Willow Beach.
Whether you take the boat to the blue waters of the Gulf Stream to catch Sailfish, Wahoo, Dolphin (Mahi), Kings, Tuna or Marlin or fish the tropical waters of the Florida Keys coast or Gulf of Mexico for Cobia, Grouper, Spanish Mackerel or Shark we have the fishing rental boat for you! Boats are available for rent by day – or you can enjoy multiple days if you are staying vacation rental home, villa or condo that has a dock or place to moor the boat safely. A bar, a fridge, cold and hot water, music, electric generator (from 200 volt to 9 kilovolts) are available at the "Samson" boat. Most of the rental companies that are located within the marinas on Lake Lewisville are good options. You need at a minimum a fire extinguisher, a horn, a throw-able life preserver, and a life vest for everyone on board. If you have problems or issues with the rental boat, you will need to contact the rental company for help. We have created aA fish databaseA for you to learn a little more about what you might catch here in the Florida Keys.

For those who rent by the day, once you choose your boat we can deliver it to one of our standard locations that is most convenient – or request special delivery! Watching the excitement on kids faces when they catch their first fish are some truly memorable moments.Especially if caught on video or digital camera.
A small fee may apply – but we are happy to accommodate special arrangements to ensure your experience is as hassle free as possible. Finnish Bay boat trips (trips to Peterhof) are available upon request and depending on weather forecast. You might want to avoid that boat or run into the chance of it breaking down while you are out on Lake Lewisville. No Coast Guard or Sheriff vessels are near NevadaBeach to regulate or patrol the congestion in that area as other beaches in Lake Tahoe do. No Coast Guard or Sheriff vessels are near Nevada Beach to regulate or patrol the congestion in that area as other beaches in Lake Tahoe do.
To top it off, it's only about a 45 minute drive even though it's in Arizona and there was no fee to get in. Why take the chance of getting seasick and spoiling your day when you can cruise and or fish in your own rented boat. You can come and go when you please, without having to wait for everyone else to decide when to call it quits for the day.

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