Trout Stalkers rents rafts, drift boats, inflatable kayaks, roto molded SOT fishing kayaks and SUPS. Trout Stalkers prides itself on offering top of line products and this trickles down to our Rental Fleet. The 450 Sundancer's dashing good looks are matched by its aggressive performance out on the water.
Standard Axius and optional Zeus power packages ensure the kind of handling one expects from luxury performance cars, and allow you to match the yacht to your cruising style. Please contact us to set up your rental.Rafts - Self-bailing rafts equipped with full rowing and fishingframes, anchor assembly with anchor, trailer, cooler, net, life jackets. Not all model-year boats may contain all the features or meet the specifications described herein.

Rowing experience is required.Inflatable kayaks - 1 or 2 person kayaks ideal for paddling on rivers or lakes. The deposit charge will reserve the watercraft rented for the duration of the agreed upon rental period. The Mercruiser 6.2L engines put 320HP each via the Bravo three drives and Axius Joystick control that make docking a breeze. Confirm availability of all accessories and equipment with an authorized Sea Ray dealer prior to purchase.
These boats can easily fit into most passenger cars when deflated and can be inflated in about 5 minutes.Molded SOT(sit on top) or stand up kayaks - These state of the art fishing kayaks are perfect for fishing lakes and rivers. Designed for 1 person, these rentals come complete with paddles, life jacket, and anchor.FlyCraft Stealth- This cool new inflatable boat is called the "Stealth" for good reason.

Additional features include Rear Back up camera, FLIR camera with 360 degree remote control, KVH satellite television and more.Trades considered. You can transport it in the back of a pick up truck and 2 people can lift and launch it almost anywhere. Rowing experience is required.SUPs - We have have several NRS inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard (SUPs).

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