About UsAustin is known for its local gems, and we take great pride in making our own shine!
Just two miles from our downtown Austin hotel, Lady Bird Lake is a reservoir of the Colorado River and a popular recreational hub for runners, walkers and cyclist with 10 miles of trails. Next challenge: with five different boat rental locations along the river, where do you go for gear? I spend a lot of time on the river and I have rented from almost every location along Town Lake. Zilker Park Boat Rentals stands out above the rest.
Just as Austin has grown from a sleepy hippie town into a bustling city, Zilker Park Boat Rentals has also grown over the years.
Located on the west bank of Barton Creek, where the cold waters of Barton Springs Pool meet the Colorado River, Barton Creek is the perfect backdrop to begin your canoeing (or kayak or stand-up paddleboard) adventure. You can either hike your way into the site, or park at the main Zilker Park area by the Pool and walk down the set of stairs to the left.
As you climb into the canoe and glide down the creek, the big city traffic noises will start to fade away. Another reason why Zilker Park Boat Rentals stands out above the rest, in my eyes, is their involvement in the community. For years, they have been extending their unique experience to local nonprofits who might not have a budget to provide extracurricular activities to their members. Next time you’re in the market for a magical canoe ride on Town Lake, consider heading to the oldest boat rental location in Austin. Boobs for peace on Everything You Need to Know About Eeyore’s Birthday BashLeah Nyfeler on Is the Greenbelt Open? Lake Austin is one of seven reservoirs that were created when Texas's Colorado River was dammed to control flooding.
Lake Austin features a surface area of about 1,600 acres and measures about 75 feet deep at its maximum depth.
Lake Austin is one of seven lakes that are collectively known as the Highland Lakes, and it is important to note that Texas's Colorado River is not the same Colorado River that flows through Arizona's Grand Canyon. Lake Austin boat rentals come in many different shapes and sizes, and it is also possible to arrange special boat tours and excursions. Renting a boat and getting out on the water is just one of the options when it comes to things to do at Lake Austin.
Swimming and hiking are two more options when it comes to things to do on a Lake Austin visit. When looking to stay close to the banks of Lake Austin, travelers can always opt to go camping. If you want to catch live concerts all year around and cool views of downtown Austin check out Geraldine?s when you are next in Austin.
Our beautiful boats and paddle boards complement the dock's stunning location, and is a place you can truly feel at ease.

From our dock, you can paddle west toward Red Bud Isle and the nature-filled scenery of the West End, or head east toward the glistening Barton Creek Inlet and dazzling Austin skyline. Local Austin businesses offer recreational watercraft rental like kayaks, canoes, dragon boats, paddle boards and rowing shells. This uber local Austin business was established in 1969 by Howard and Dorothy Barnett, who had just nine canoes and an urge to share the natural beauty of the river with others.
You’ll pass by turtles sunning themselves on logs as you make your way toward Lou Neff Point. I sometimes like to go toward the city and imagine what the thousands of people above me are doing. They had a vision to share the beauty of the river with the community, and that didn’t mean share it with only those who could afford it. They’ve worked with groups such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, School for the Deaf, School for the Blind and Center for Battered Women, just to name a few. A relatively slim body of water, it can be found to the west of Downtown Austin and is connected to Lady Bird Lake and Lake Travis.
Due to the fact that it can be found where the Texas Hill Country begins, its elevation is a relatively impressive 490 feet above sea level. In addition to being used for flood control purposes, the Lake Austin reservoir is also used to generate power, though most area residents see it primarily as a recreational attraction.
The larger boats are usually used for weddings and corporate events, while the smaller boats are better suited for smaller group functions and family outings. There is a family-friendly swimming area at Emma Long Metropolitan Park with a sandy beach. The choice is up to you, and we ensure each person is outfitted with the perfect boat for their adventure!Off the Beaten PathFounded in 1999, Rowing dock is a hidden treasure in Austin, TX. Other water sports along the shores of the lake include swimming in Deep Eddy Pool, the oldest swimming pool in Texas, and Barton Springs Pool, a natural pool on Barton Creek which flows into Lady Bird Lake.
As you approach, pause for a moment and prepare to take in one of the best views of Austin’s ever changing skyline. But most of the time I like to head west of the city and get lost in mother nature’s beauty. Nonprofits are encouraged to contact them during non-peak hours in order to make arrangements. Lady Bird Lake essentially forms the southern boundary of Austin, while Lake Travis is the largest of the regional reservoirs. There are lots of options for fun things to do at Lake Austin, with boating being one of the most popular. Pontoon boats, ski boats, and even party barges figure among the Lake Austin boat rentals, while those who prefer getting a workout might prefer skimming the surface in a kayak or canoe. When fishing in Lake Austin, chances are good that you will catch a largemouth bass, as the lake is full of them.

When hiking is the aim, Mount Bonnell offers some savory views of Lake Austin, the surrounding Texas Hill Country, and Downtown Austin in the distance. One of the best spa resorts in the country, this alluring retreat knows how to take care of its guests. Originally developed for sculling, the dock evolved into Austin's favorite location for paddle sport rentals. Austin's largest downtown park, Zilker Park, is adjacent to the lake, and Barton Springs, a major attraction for swimmers, flows into the lake. You might blame this urge on the Texas heat, but I know I fight it every time I’m on the trail.
Both Emma Long Metropolitan Park and Mount Bonnell can be found on the Lake Austin shores, with the park being an ideal place to enjoy a variety of recreational activities. Canoes, kayaks, and hydrobikes are available for use at the Lake Austin Resort and Spa, and the staff can also help guests arrange Lake Austin boat rentals or excursions. Flanked by the Zilker Nature Preserve and just up the road from the city's beloved Barton Springs Pool, Rowing Dock is at once in the heart of Austin and off the beaten path. Fishing in Lake Austin is best enjoyed outside of the summer months, as the summer season sees a significant increase in boats on the water.
In addition to a sandy beach and an enticing swimming area, the facilities at the park include two boat ramps, a collection of volleyball courts, camping sites, public bathrooms, showers, and dressing rooms.
When guests aren't enjoying some time on the lake, they can always indulge in the resort's fantastic facilities. With top-quality equipment and a welcoming staff, Rowing Dock is a pristine space cherished by kayakers, SUP paddlers, and canoers of all skill levels.
And don’t forget to bring cash, since this mom and pop rental shop doesn’t take credit cards or checks.
It can be all but impossible to fish on a summer weekend at Lake Austin, at least during the day. The camping options include twenty sites with electricity hookups and water and 46 tent sites where water is available at every third site. These facilities include an excellent restaurant, a pair of outdoor pools, an indoor pool, a dazzling fitness center, and a very impressive spa. It is worth mentioning that anyone who catches a grass carp while fishing Lake Austin must return it to the water immediately, as this species is endangered.

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