When boat ownership is not currently within your grasp, and looking to enjoy a day on the water, it is no doubt that you are searching for Miami boat rentals. Miami-Info offers boat rentals, corporate charters and private yacht charters in Miami and South Florida. Miami boat rental and Miami Yacht Charter services from Water Fantaseas, your one stop yacht rental and boat rental in Miami and ft Lauderdale. Boat South Florida is the best provider of Miami party yacht charters and luxury boat rentals in South Florida. On a South Florida yacht charter you will explore Miami and its pristine beaches, where you can sunbathe with the most beautiful people in the world. The nearby Florida Keys are a popular choice for yacht charters, providing a wide variety of activity options in a close proximity.
The Bahamas, at only fifty miles off the South Florida coast, make an excellent yacht charter destination. Boat South Florida provides first-class private yacht charters and boat rentals for groups of any size. We look forward to assisting you in arranging an unforgettable yacht charter to meet your needs and desires. The Miami-based Lazzara yacht is still available for Christmas and New Year charter in Florida or the Bahamas.

Local Get Ratings Reviews on Boat Rental Charter with Photos, Maps, Driving Directions and more. Boat South Florida, a division of Worldwide Boat, offers luxury crewed South Florida and Miami yacht charters to this ideal vacation destination where you can mingle with celebrities, sip a margarita at Jimmy Buffeta€™s hangout, or simply lounge in the sand and surf all day. The clear blue waters of the Atlantic are ideal for water sports such as swimming, jet skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing.
Enjoy the sports adventures in Key Largo or head to the other end of the island chain to laid back Key West. With 23 inhabited islands and thousands of deserted islets, you will find plenty to do a€“ or not to do.
Treat yourself and your guests on a charter that is catered to your ideal vacation a€“ including itinerary, activities, and even your meals. Our luxury yachts make an ideal venue for events such as weddings, special birthdays, anniversaries, corporate charters, and any other occasion. We have access to many more boats, please contact us and we will find exactly what you are looking for and make it a perfect day on the water. From the Art Deco historic buildings to the glamorous South Beach to shopping at the trendy Lincoln Mall, the Miami area simply has it all. You can choose between luxury private yachts to Miami party boats for weddings, corporate events and other special occasions.

The night life in Miami and South Beach are unrivaled, allowing you to choose from open-air beach parties to upscale nightclubs, to celebrity-packed dance clubs. The Keys are home to North Americaa€™s only living-coral barrier reef which provides excellent diving opportunities.
Perhaps youa€™d rather find your own island and set your beach chair in the sand to simply watch the day pass. We will arrange every aspect of your yacht charter vacation at no extra cost to you, so that you can simply sit back and enjoy yourself. We have access to many more luxury yachts, please contact us and we will find exactly what you are looking for. The waters are crystal clear and the myriad of cays make boating or sailing an exciting experience.

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