Our pontoon boat rentals near Nashville allow everyone on board to enjoy the sun, waves and fresh air. We offer three types of pontoon boat rentals: our Leisure Kraft pontoon boats, double-decker pontoon boat rentals, and new Tri-toon pontoon boats. In addition to pontoon boat rentals, Hidden Harbor Marina has fishing boat rentals, houseboat rentals, cabin rentals and camping sites. Visit our Facebook page even if you aren't on Facebook for the latest news about Hidden Harbor Marina. Situaded a few steps away from the sublime St Florent bay on the outskirts of the Nebbiu, the Misty region, also famous for its varried landscaps and its unusual sites, where its long sandy beaches, its rough arid lands, the one and only European Agriate desert. In your free time you'll enjoy, the pleasure of bathing in our waterfall over flowing pool where the moments melt away. Lake Calhoun: Lake Calhoun is part of Lake Calhoun has three beaches available for public use.

Located in Calhoun County, Duck Lake is a 629-acre lake near the small community of go back to Duck Lake for a tranquil, serene afternoon on the lake. Sailing Lake Calhoun operates from the public sailing dock located on the northeast corner of the lake (3000 Calhoun Pkwy E, Minneapolis MN).
A pontoon boat is the perfect way to explore the lake on a lazy day or to tube or water ski behind for a high-speed, adrenaline-racing adventure!
Our new 24-foot Tri-toon pontoon boat uses a 150 horsepower motor to move you and your friends at speeds of 30-35mph.
The 24-foot Leisure Kraft has room for 10 people, an bimini top, and a 115 horsepower, 4-stroke engine. Varying from passenger limit to engine power, the boats each have something different to offer. There’s no better place than Center Hill Lake in Tennessee for a relaxing getaway, so contact us today at (615) 597-8800 to make your reservation.

Under the conservatory with the ancient impression given by the silken shades of the prairie and the balncing greens weaving till winter, the cozy fireplace in our living room invites you by its warmth to the pleasure of one of the books from our library. Local Get Ratings Reviews on Boat Rental Charter with Photos, Maps, Driving Directions and more. Although this is our most basic type of pontoon boat, it still outshines the other boats at the lake.
Although, they do share a common feature — all styles of pontoon boat rentals guarantee a relaxing, fun day on the water for all ages.
Whether you want to tube, ski, or just sightsee, get on board the nicest pontoon you can rent on Center Hill Lake, and prepare yourself for a luxurious day out on the waters.

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