Charter Boat Fishing On Lake Ontario, Lake Ontario has many Charter Boats available to let you enjoy a wonderful day of fishing on Lake Ontario. We provide the best equipped rental fishing boat to our guests of any Ontario fishing lodge.
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At Lake Simcoe Marinas, we provide information about marinas located in or around the Lake Simcoe region.

Barrie's great location on Kempenfelt Bay, Lake Simcoe and little lake provide The following are a list of boat rental and other watercraft rental options.
The living room has double sized sofa-bed, chairs, coffee tables, flat screen TV, and Woodstove. Summer can be very hot so you may find the central air quite refreshing.The property yard is large (10,000 sq.
You will find picnic table here to have breakfast or dinner outside.In Summer, Corners Beach has nice filling of privacy as the comunity is not allowed to park along the street for access so most go to the nearby larger public beaches.

Our ice can be as thick as 2-3 feet so feel free to bring your cross-country skis or walking boots.

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