This month Leisure Boating, SA’s premier monthly boating magazine, compares the Osprey 16 powered by 2 x Honda BF50HP with the Benguela 530 powered by 2 x Honda BF60HP. Honda’s BF250 is the new flagship of the company’s proven and popular four-stroke lineup (By Capt. The exciting performance, power and reliability of the new BF250 four-stroke outboard engine are the result of several exclusive Honda Marine technological features. The Honda BF250 engine incorporates the Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST) System which dramatically improves holeshot acceleration by advancing ignition spark timing to within one degree of the knock limit during “hammer down” acceleration.
The new BF250 also incorporates the world’s first marine direct air dual circuit induction system of its type on a production outboard. Honda four-strokes have always been known for sipping fuel through a very thin straw, even at higher rpms and fast lane cruising speeds and the new BF250 is no exception to that rule. Built by Austral Marine in KZN, the Harrier 505 is a blend of efficiency, ease of use, and fun.
Built to get people on the water for less spend at the boat showroom, the Linder range of boats is just what the discerning buyer has been looking for.
Leisure Boating, SA’s premier monthly boating magazine, recently reviewed the Avalanche 230 Bowrider powered by the all-new Honda BF250HP outboard engine.
Leisure Boating, SA’s premier monthly boating magazine, recently reviewed the Odyssey 650 Sundeck powered by a Honda BF225HP outboard engine.
This month Leisure Boating, SA’s premier monthly boating magazine, compares the Panache 1450 with the Odyssey 1450, both boats being powered by Honda BF60HP outboard engines.
This month Leisure Boating, SA’s premier monthly boating magazine, reviews the Infanta 6.7SRi powered by twin Honda BF90HP outboard engines. This month Leisure Boating, SA’s premier monthly boating magazine, reviews the Panache 1950 powered by a Honda BF150HP.
It’s an ambition that’s about as old as time itself – to build a sportboat which is versatile, doesn’t price itself beyond its competition, and most importantly, is filled with quality. The sunpad is in three sections – one directly over the engine and one each to port and starboard.
Moving forward, you enter the cockpit from the sunpad walkthrough and step down onto a non-skid seat base. Although a small feature, I really like that the 226 has fuel filling caps on both sides of the craft. As with most boats in this genre, the 226 provides shelter for those in the cockpit once you have closed the passageway door and windscreen – which, might I add, is pinned in the open position magnetically. The Chaparral 226 SSi has a sleek profile and sporty good looks – whether she’s moored to the jetty or running on the water.
The 226 has the choice between MerCruiser and Volvo inboard engine options, ranging from a 5-litre (260 HP) to a 6.2-litre (320 HP), if you’re looking for bragging rights. Of everything this craft has to offer, I would probably most commend her for the fine control she gives the skipper. For more information, contact your local authorised Honda Marine dealer or call the Honda Care Line on 0800 466 321.
Chaparral may have opened the doors to some interesting innovations on its 277 SSX but we think the real story is in her performance and handling. The Chaparral 243 VRX is an XXL jet boat that displays the classic company styling with high freeboard, sweeping sheerline and stainless rubrail sloping down to join the integrated swim platform. We are often asked how to save money on boats, and our answer is always the same – get the right boat first, not on the second or third stab. Dialling it down to realistic cruising speeds, the Honda really showed its stuff, loafing along at 3,500 rpm and hitting an impressive 25 mph on the GPS navigator while only using 5.2 gallons of fuel per hour.
Very few manufacturers have a lineup like Chaparral’s – and there are even fewer boats which can be compared to this big watersports craft. Infanta is a South African company building inflatables for the many forms of boating that there are out there.

With everything you could need from a sportsfishing craft, she’s robust and reliable and one that should be at the top of every angler’s most-wanted list.
The primary circuit draws air into the front and around critical engine components and a top-mounted cooling fan draws cooling air over the alternator. Recent factory tests hitched to the transom of a Carolina Skiff 250LX Bay Runner support this point yet again.
If you’re looking to get on the water without over-burdening the bank balance, the value for money and long term saving this package offers is certainly worth every penny. They’re cute and affordable, and at the end of the day, they’re pretty neat craft which offer a dramatically reduced cost of ownership. Featuring a fibreglass liner construction for precise fit and finish, and Kevlar reinforcement for added strength, it’s no wonder that Chaparral owners rarely sell their boats.
The pad can lie flat or it can be made into a chaise longue with the back tilted up on the side. The large centre cushion lifts to reveal wet storage that self-drains out the side of the craft. The ergonomics of the helm are excellent and I was able to see clearly through the windshield from the seated position, rather than stare at the windshield frame. The pickle-fork design allows for the bow rider section to be wider and longer, and therefore more accommodating for up to five adults. Whether on the trailer or in the water, this benefit becomes handy at the pumps when the station’s line can’t reach the other side of the boat – but it’s especially great for the days on the river when conditions, such as the wind, don’t always allow you to pick which side is closest to the fuel pump.
For her pure performance, the designers incorporated their unique (and exclusive) extended V-plane into the 226’s hull which claims to be the most awarded hull design in boating.
Our review boat was fitted with a MerCruiser 5.7-litre 350 Mag and coupled with the Bravo 3 drive as the stern leg. What you get for that money is a premium boat with excellent looks, styling, and very good performance.
The aggressive VRX graphics package makes her a head-turner, and the Kevlar-reinforced hull design delivers the expected smooth Chaparral ride, according to our test captain. The company says that falling in love with the 287 takes less than a minute – but let’s be honest; who would really be able to resist her even that long?
For example, when designing the BF250, Honda engineers increased the stroke of the existing Honda Odyssey car engine, expanding its displacement to 3.6 liters. First debuted in the high-performance Acura NSX sports car, VTEC technology also is featured in the designs of the Honda Marine BF225, BF150 and BF90 engines, providing all of these models with a unique blend of power, torque, and efficiency at any speed. The resulting boost in available torque at low rpm contributes to a strong holeshot (off the line acceleration) to get the boat up on plane quickly. The second circuit routes cool air from the upper intake vents, removes moisture, and then inducts it into the throttle body.
With a bare hull weight of 2,800 pounds, a half tank of fuel, plenty of gear and two people aboard, the combination of the 245 Bay Runner powered by the Honda BF250 hit a top speed of 50 mph at 6,200 rpm, spinning a Solas 18-inch pitch three-blade SS prop. With their roots stemming back to the year 1965, Chaparral knows what you want from your time on the water.
The starboard pad opens to reveal a fibreglass walkway from the stern to the cockpit, and under that is storage. Located on top of the engine, it will make a great place to dry your wet swimsuits or warm a towel after being in the water. There’s storage under both side seats, and fully forward is another cushion which lifts to reveal a built-in, insulated cooler that drains overboard. As mentioned above, the system is operated from various places around the craft and is piped to several quality speakers. This is a feature that extends the running surface well past the collar of the sterndrive lower unit attached to the transom. Although not big enough to cause havoc, it did prove to me that the 226 is designed to handle rough conditions.

It only takes one quick glance over the 226 to notice that she has been given luxury at every corner.
He not only describes the boat, but gives us an in-depth view of her bottom, tips on how to manoeuvre the 264 underway (her wheel takes just 2.5 turns from lock-to-lock), as well as finishing with a short tutorial on how to dock a single engine sterndrive with counter-rotating props. Acceleration was brisk, but it was her handling that convinced us that she’s pure Chaparral. Even though the H20 line is a “value” series because it’s built by a premium builder, new boaters are less likely to be disappointed once they get their sea legs and learn more.
The result is a new outboard model with excellent performance, improved fuel economy, more power and increased reliability that offers even more displacement than Honda’s former flagship model, the 3.5L BF225. VTEC works to vary the lift and duration of the intake valve opening to deliver optimal performance at both low and high rpm, resulting in peak performance at all speeds. This system provides for cooler, denser air for better combustion than conventional under-cowl induction systems.
Dialing it down to realistic cruising speeds, the Honda really showed its stuff, loafing along at 3,500 rpm and hitting an impressive 25 mph on the GPS navigator while only using 5.2 gallons of fuel per hour.
In the centre of the bow ‘deck’ is a good-sized anchor locker, complete with a holster – so your anchor won’t be rattling around inside the compartment.
Results have shown that the added surface area beyond the transom show quicker times to plane and much less bow rise.
Add into the equation the waves I was making, and I was confident that this boat is built strong since she carved nicely through everything I threw at her.
In fact, if you look at every individual feature on the craft and compare it to comparable boats, you will find that Chaparral has taken the steps to better the quality to the finest detail – showing that they strive to be the best in offering true, top quality. The technology provides a broad, flat torque curve and smooth power delivery throughout the engine’s entire operating range, allowing the operator to enjoy both outstanding performance and impressive fuel economy.
The design of the variable air intake system on the Honda BF250 also includes a large air-intake silencer that reduces noise.
The 226 SSi has a rated capacity for 12 people, a high number for this size boat – but here it is actually possible, unlike some others in its class. For swivel and slide, simply pull up a lever (located in the lower part of the armrest, alongside your knee) to get the seat perfect for you.
The sound system as we heard on the review was the standard option, however, a high-performance option is available.
It was at this stage that I really appreciated the rubber seals on all of the doors around the craft as the sporty growl of the engine is something you won’t want to miss. Finally, if the owner decides fishing is not his game, the boat is ready for all manner of water sports.
The silencing effect results from a chamber being added to the intake passage, causing sound waves to interfere with one another, creating a side branch effect that quiets noise. This exceptional fuel economy also translates proportionately if you are running a larger centre console in the 27- to 31-foot range and require twin powerplants.
There is a minimal bleed-off of speed in the tight corners, but as soon as the wheel straightens up, she’ll stretch her legs again.
As an everyday skipper, you’ll enjoy the comfort of her gentle turns and how effortlessly she cuts wakes.
And if you’re still not satisfied with safety, the 226 has high gunwales – the arch-enemy of adventure-seeking kids.

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