Provides a practical introduction to crewing and boat handling skills in open power driven craft. Candidates who wish to undertake a direct assessment must provide details of their previous experience. This is an improver course for those who have Level 2 and who want to drive a boat better and safer as well as navigation by day.
NB SailCork also runs special navigation courses to prepare candidates for the Advanced Powerboat Course. SailCork has been running Powerboat Instructor Courses for longer than any other establishment in Ireland.
Powerboat Instructor  Provides the competent and experienced powerboat handler (Level 2 and 5 seasons experience a prerequisite) with the training to teach powerboating up to the standard of ISA Powerboat Level 2 under the supervision of the Principal of an ISA recognised teaching establishment. Recreational Powerboat Instructor Two day course to train Recreational Powerboat instructors.
This year we depart the damp shores of the Emerald Isle on Wed Jan 20 to head for sunshine, high tempreatures, warm water, great sailing conditions and a Caribbean Adventure in St.

So join me in my blog and I will tke you through our plans for our Caribbean Adventure with SailCork. Designed for beginners - most people complete this course before going on to complete the National Powerboat Course. The aim of this two day course is to develop the skills and knowledge that allow participants to safely and effectively skipper an open powerboat by day, on inland and coastal waters with which they are familiar.
Beginners attend this course and the Introduction to Powerboating as part of the same two day course.
The best way to present this is by filling in full details of their experience in the Personal Log section of the ISA Powerboat Logbook.
Full Navigation Courses and Advanced Powerboat Courses are available for groups at any location in Ireland. We have many happy graduates teaching in Ireland and abroad and indeed many of our graduates are now running their own schools. Course is set at an easy enjoyable pace with a short shorebased session and most of the day spent afloat under the guidance of your instructor.

Those with limited or no experience should achieve Level 1 and those with experience or holders of Level1 may achieve Level 2 at the end of the course. Normally this would be a minimum of at least a number of years experience helming powerboats. This includes details of dates, types of boat, power units (engines), type of activity and details of passages, weather and distances covered. Candidates must be competent to at least level 2 and lots of driving experience and with a background in navigation and chartwork to Dayskipper standard. If you have the necessary pre requisites and are interested please call us and we will be very happy to help you. There will be an assessment of all elements of background knowledge in the syllabus - this will be conducted orally on a one to one basis and with a written assessment paper.

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