PREMIUM FLOATING SLIPS TO DISPLAY YOUR BOAT AT EITHER OR LYS OFFICE AT WATERFORD OR OUR TPY OFFICE AT SOUTH SHORE HARBOR. Over 30 years of selling just yachts and successfully bringing buyers and sellers together. LYS principal, Kent Little is one of, if not the oldest,Florida Licensed Broker in Texas, (License #1815) and have been since 1993. Kent Little was also the first Broker in Texas to receive accreditation from the YBAA as a CPYB, Certified Professional Yacht Broker. We are very experienced in selling boats to buyers from out of state there by increasing the marketing potential of a boat to a wider market. Kent was also the top salesman for the previous brokerage I worked at since coming to Clear Lake in 1991. Over 28 years of selling boats has brought us directly in contact with nearly every brand imaginable. Is my broker experienced not only in sales, but YACHT Sales and how long has he been doing this?--We have over 28 years’ experience exclusively in Yacht Sales. Will the brokers in this office treat my boat like it was their own listing?--The brokers in my office act as a team in every listing.

Can my broker accurately give me the data needed so that together we can really see what my boat is worth and evaluate not only what we should ask but also how long it might take to sell?--We do a free market analysis with every listing inquiry and discuss this with you in detail before we list your boat. He will personally inspect your boat and make suggestions of what you should do to the boat to maximize her dockside appeal and also obtain the highest asking price.
Introducing the newest addition to our tournament winning fleet, the all new 32' Fish Around.
New from Yellowfin is the 36, an offshore center console designed for light-tackle fishing. Stats like these are sure to get some attention on the SKA circuit, where this hull has already posted some impressive tournament performances. Four rod holders are standard in the covering boards, which, at 13 inches wide, allow you to throw a castnet from the bow and walk it all the way back to the stern live well. Many of my customers sail and boat here, but many have cruised throughout the US and Caribbean.
We have traveled throughout the US, the Caribbean and Europe to represent (my) clients and their interests. Because of this LYS holds a vast product knowledge of both power and sail boats whether US built, of Far Eastern design or European.

By working with a smaller select group of clients one on one, We have the time to sit down with you and discuss your wants and needs. We will keep you informed monthly, usually via email, about our asking price and how it is comparable to what else is on the market. The boat comes standard with two bait wells: one in the leaning post with a 60-gallon capacity and a slosh-proof double lid, and another at the transom. Whatever boat you are interested in, chances are we have sold one, sailed on one or motored on one. If a co-broker calls LYS about one of our listings they can be assured we will work with him to the best of our ability to help him sell the boat as well. We at LYS will provide detailed photographs of your boat, more than just what is listed online. If an out of state buyer calls that buyer will have in his hands within the hour photos that will show him why your boat is better than any of the others listed.

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