Cruise the Mississippi River on the authentic paddlewheeler, the riverboat, La Crosse Queen !! This is the same listing as the one below, #871 without the satelitte camp and less allocation.
As you can see there are good inventories of decoys, blinds, tree stands, camp equipment, motorized equipment, generators, boats, motors, etc. Water is from a 280' drilled artesian well that flowed up to 12 ft below ground surface, fantastic cold and crystal clear.
These combinations along with this location will allow a new owner a great opportunity to develop a successful business! Take time to enjoy the waving wheat fields and the spectacular sight from the top of Cator Hill.
To the southeast, you will find the oilfields and to the west is the TransCanada Compressor Station. The City of Prince Albert is fortunate in being well located within its environment; having a harmony in which the City and its forest setting merge.
Consists of open ceiling area finished in knotty pine, spacious, fully equipped modern commercial kitchen, large dining areas and lounge with new furniture. Individually wired heat sensor and emergency lights – Fire alarm - Linen closet - clothes washer and dryer. Saskatchewan is home to the 'Dakota' strain of Whitetail Deer, the largest Whitetail in North America!

Generator house with 2 diesel generators, 1000 gallon fuel tank and 500 gallon fuel tank.
In-floor heated shop and 2 storage containers for all the hunting and fishing equipment. Cook cabin - wood structure,  largest building at this outpost-with kitchen sink and propane stove, and propane fireplace, and electric fridge.
Literally millions of waterfowl fly over the prairies of Saskatchewan everyday as they begin their southern migration across Canada to warmer regions. Nearby sites include the Great Sand Hills, the scenic South Saskatchewan River, teepee rings, buffalo rubbing stone, archaeological digs and much more. It offers an endless horizon and an expansive prairie view of the flat and fertile checkerboard farmlands that stretch north of Cabri to the South Saskatchewan River. The air is fresh and clean and you can see many different kinds of birds and animals in their natural habitats. Our area is renowned for its plentiful game: pronghorn antelope, mule and whitetail deer, partridge and migratory birds.
Located in the broad valley of the North Saskatchewan River near the geographical center of the province where the agricultural prairie of the south and the rich forest belt of the north meet. Situated along the valley of the North Saskatchewan River, Prince Albert has an altitude of 428.25 metres above sea level.
Coast Guard, the 4th of July combined with Memorial Day and Labor Day account for more than one third of all boating related accidents and fatalities.

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There is also a colourful variety of prairie grasses, wildflowers, wildberries, cactus, trees and bushes. Cabri is located in the heart of the North American Flyway so it's no surprise to see a variety of waterfowl here including lesser and greater Canada geese, white fronts and Ross geese and as many as 20 different species of ducks.
Much of Prince Albert is built on the sloping south bank of the North Saskatchewan River while the north bank provides a spectacular view of mixed forest, typical of northern Saskatchewan.
Prince Albert functions as a service, retail and distribution centre for northern Saskatchewan's resource industries - mining, forestry and agriculture.
Randy Rank said, "Make sure you have enough life jackets in the boat for every person that you have with you.
It is anticipated that this function will continually be enhanced by increased northern resource development.
Traffic will be down to one lane in each direction on the 1100 and 1200 blocks of 7th Street NW. More >>Drivers in Rochester will have another construction project to plan ahead for starting Thursday.

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