You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Marine Products has been awarded the Indmar CSI Award for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, 7 Consecutive Years in a row. At RC Covers Protects we are always ready to help our customers get a cheap discount price on pedestal boat seat covers that protect the substantial investment they made in their boat. Just because your boat is safely docked in port doesn't mean your boat seats are protected. Unlike traditional cotton canvas covers, Classic Accessories Hurricane Boat Seat Covers are made of durable polyester that won't mildew or fade.

The always ready boat seat cover stores easily under the pedestal boat seat when it is not in use.
Plus, the unique fabric finish makes these boat covers stain-resistant and water-repellent. Whether you're out at sea or anchored at the marina, these boat seat covers repel water and dirt to keep your seats shining bright. Classic Accessories Hurricane Boat Seat Covers come in two styles to fit pedestal seat boat seats or bucket seats. These unsightly seats detract from the entire boating experience and greatly affect the boat’s resale value.

The Hurricane Boat Seat Covers come equipped with a drawstring along the hemline to ensure a secure fit, and fold for easy storage.
The fabric is made of tough polyester Stellex™ marine canvas designed for durability and weather protection. This always ready boat seat cover is made of fabric coating technology that resists dirt & stains while providing water-resistance and repellency.

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