So the question is, does anyone know of a seat maker who makes integrated seat belt air ride seats? Barring that, does anyone know how well a GMT800 would handle being converted to pillar mount seat belts? I appreciate both of them, of course, but 4WDs are generally rear only where air suspension is concerned because of the front driveshafts. On your wife's problems, I don't know what else you have to drive but we just bought that 2003 Lincoln LS, and the wife said it's a night and day difference in riding comfort. The wife has an 01 LeSabre right now and it's pretty comfy, but it's just getting worn out. Now if money weren't an object, one of the cars we went to look at was at the local high dollar import shop.
I'd also like to know, if anyone knows, whether putting a softer torsion bar will affect the ride height. I already have a 2003 Lincoln LS that she can ride in more or less comfortably, but I'd like for her to be able to ride in the truck too. Make the front end of you cab a pivot, then place air suspension under the rear of the cab. To keep vibration, jounces from reaching the buttocks and therefore vertebral column you arent going to be able to beat an air-ride suspension. I'm wondering about the structural strength around the conventional shoulder belt upper mount area in teh GENT800 trucks, obvioulsy a GMT400 would be fine.

As I am in the market for my first jet boat I am looking at the current seat setups and can't help but wonder if some of the technology from my sport couldn't be incorporated into jet boating to do address a few issues.1. 23 views and nobody has an opinion on what makes a good jet boat seat ?ok well here is what my idea was.I was looking at a boat that had pedestal seat and it occured to me that I could have have suspension seats made to match the boats color. These are air ride suspension seats, have heat, swivel and have been done with colors we selected to accent boat colors. I am sure there are improvements to be made in the seats we use but I would be hard pressed to figure out how to improve on them myself. BlueCW wrote:I think this thread and the seats he used in this build are more the style you are thinking ofcriso riddle buildyup, he used the PRP recliners. I got some funny looks when i told everyone my colors for my boat but now that it is all coming together folks are saying how good it looks!!!!
Mine are simple spring ride seats like Dustin they work pretty well and I can spend a lot of time on the river without being uncomfortable. It seems to me the boating industry gets stuck looking at it's own technology and is missing out on really cool stuff from other sports. However, there are some places (the big rapids) in the canyon that will cause large bumps that are unavoidable.
I realized I have all the parts in my shop now to assemble my idea.I am merely trying to see what you guys are doing with your set ups.
Like someone else said, the main difference between 4wheeling and jetboating is the wheeler has suspension built into it.

The thing that is important to me any ways is staying in the seat usually like to have some place to press my feet when driving in rough stuff to brace myself in the seat and not be bouncing around to much. I hit a roller comming down river alittle wrong once and broke the heater off the underside of the bow. Seatbelts have been discussed a lot here but most (myself included) would not feel well about being constrained in a boat like that. If you want a purple seat (side skirts) let me know what other colors you want and we will get em made up for ya ??But any way here is my new seats !!!!! The air rides do dampen the blow, but no suspension systems at all can completely or maybe even mostly stop many big impacts. You sound like one of those guys that is going to do the extreem whitewater once you get your feet wet (no pun intended) in the tame rivers. I think the perfect match for you would be something in the 20-22 foot center steer short nosed high hp.

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