This large wooden ship steering wheel is made of solid seesham (teak) wood with a brass center hub that has a 1" diameter hole. Please browse CaptJimsCar-go for more Nautical Wooden Boat Ship Steering Wheels, Nautical Wildlife Etched Mirrors, Museum Quality Ship Models, Old World Style Globe Bars and Low Priced Nautical Gifts! To browse more items - Click on the Logo below(close the new window to return to this item)! Please use the messages system (Ask a Question, Contact Member) to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.
Boat and ship steering wheel as a nautical control symbol of direction and guidance by a boating captain or director on a yacht or ocean water vessel leading the vessel to safe waters.

If this item should run out of stock you will be given the option of a full refund or backorder. Helmsmen on older ships used a tiller (a long stick) fixed directly to the rudder, or a whipstaff (a vertical stick acting on the tiller).
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1700) were operated to correspond to the motion of the tiller, with a clockwise motion (corresponding to a right tiller motion) turning the rudder and thus the ship to the left.

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