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We ship all orders using Royal Mail Special Delivery or a similar 'signed for' courier service, a signature will be required upon receipt. We expect all orders to be delivered within 1-3 working days, subject to weather conditions. Items must be sent back unworn, complete with all tags and labels, and in original and re-saleable condition within 14 days from the date of purchase. The Projekt Store has quickly established itself as one of the leading mens fashion stores in the South East since it's conception in 2008. Wooden Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders – Excellent Performance, Simple Construction, Step by Step Instructions Australia, USA, UK, Hungary, S. The International Star has turned into one of the best, most competitive and rewarding classes to sail in the world, but as with most modern boats it has become more and more expensive.
But the Star was designed in the ’20s (pic right)as the sort of boat a handyman could knock together out of a pile of timber over a winter to go sailing when the weather got nicer.
Maybe it is time to regather that ethos but to build it strong and stiff and simply using modern methods. I don’t think ANYTHING else need be changed But homebuilt hulls could be allowed that would cost maybe $4-5000 rather than the tens of thousands required now for semi-mass produced foam sandwich boats.
Now a couple of co-incidences – Stars came up on a couple of forum threads I was involved in. I try to be a bit of an activist in terms of trying to get people to see that building boats in wood is plain good sense. You can see from the posts below and above that there are thousands of people out there wanting to build their own boat – and almost none of them choose class racing boats. This is what I ended up writing about Stars and the possibility of making the class grow (or any other class that can be built in wood) by allowing a competitive wooden boat to be built that uses modern simplified building methods.
The picture right shows boats being built in the 1930s – it is possibly time things were changed. What if people could build a competitive Star hull in wood for around $4000 rather than the tens of thousands they cost now in foam sandwich? What if the Star Association could get another 5 or 10 or 50 people into the class through home building? The class had close racing in 1929 and anyone could build one – they were a handyman project.
I did build a couple of PDRacers for $300 each with some scrounging of materials – but to get a couple of kids racing I have to spend $7500 for a foam sandwich, mylar sailed, Harken blocked beginners class so they can be competitive.

Would love to get my hands on a Star plan to see what can be done with limited funds and skills.
The increase in size would increase the stability somewhat and possibly give you more weight to put in the keel as the hull could be lighter than the original in proportion which would help too.
Will scale it back closer to the lower aspect original, and lose the bendy mast but…ahhh that gorgeous Star sail! I would recommend you do some calculations to make sure your scheme is heading in the right direction. I specifically focused on this posting because it addresses a major crisis in sailing here in South Africa as well as (it appears) much of the rest of the world.
But I guess if anyone is really interested and has the time, they could go after this approach. That was written a few years ago and the creeping of boat costs hasn’t abated with much more than the hull cost being pumped up past what the market can bear. Now I think that the solution is that existing classes will be supplanted by DIY boats again. But it doesn’t deal with the fact that you can build something using the same materials as the Opti for around $400 and that can include the sail. The crazy thing is that yachting authorities and class associations still believe the myth that more spray and more high tech will allow sailing to compete with Playstations.
But this has pushed up prices, so all the classes can do is poach members from each other as new entrants in conventional sailing classes are few and far between. But outside all of the failed marketing approaches there is lots of growth in building boats that will never be raced at any conventional club. I have a collection of plans for the Star as both PDF and digitised for a 48″ scale model. If you’ve ever visited any of the countries in South East Asia, you probably have dozens of photos of the many colourful wooden fishing boats that decorate the shores and the waters. The wood tiles are salvaged from a variety of exotic wood species, including Shorea, Mesua Ferrea and Queensland’s Wood.
The Eco Floor Store is the exclusive distributor of these unique wood wall tiles in British Columbia. Made from retired Vietnamese fishing boats, these exotic wood wall panels are a perfect addition to any room.
MiniMost is arguably the most famous hydroplane in history as it has been built countless times over four decades. I had that boat for 5 years and got untold hundreds of hours of pleasure racing my friends. These plans come with full size patterns for the transom and frame members to get you off to a rapid start.

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Our buyers have over a decade of experience in the young fashion market and select all of our products to ensure their quality and style is second to none. As you mention, this design is a perfect match for easy and cheap modern plywood construction, something I am looking for for a long time now without succes. We found an innovative company who takes the wood from retired fishing boats and turns them into beautiful eco-friendly wall tiles. They are primed with a durable low VOC finish that makes them great for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The wood tiles contribute to LEED® credits. MiniMost is the redesigned version of MiniMax, an equally popular boat for the home builder. For those of you who have purchased the video tapes or books from Sandy Point Boat Works, you have read or heard me talk about the first boat I built as a 12 year old with my father. Just add plywood, paint a steering wheel and some elbow grease and you will be zipping around the lake in no time. You’ll find top-quality active and casual apparel, footwear, outerwear, kids’ wear, camping gear, and much more. Orvis in Manchester, Vermont in 1856, The Orvis Company specializes in fine quality fly-fishing gear, wingshooting clothing, distinctive men’s and women’s clothing, home furnishings, and unique gifts. If you see an unbroken key or a closed lock then, depending upon your browser, SSL is active. The classic looks combined with the very uncomplicated hull shape are a unique combination that could appeal to many home builders out there! Tiles are comprised of Shorea , Mesua Ferrea and Queensland’s wood and finished with a water based polyurethane. You can also double check by looking at the URL line of your browser - while accessing a secure server the first characters of the address will change from HTTP to HTTPS.
Install using standard construction adhesive and brad nails, which can be filled afterwards.
Had my dad not decided to build that boat with me I am sure I would not be designing boats today.

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