A boat might be made for water travel but the time it sits in between use can be hard on its exterior. Boat lifts were invented so people didn’t have to worry about water soaking in and ruining their boats.
Boat lifts are no exception to the impact technology has brought to our lives in the last decade.
Piling mount boat lifts are an affordable, resourceful choice that is also low maintenance.
Their vessels could be kept raised above the water at dock’s edge not only for quick casting off, but also out of the water to keep it dry and clean of algae and barnacles or pollutants in the water.

Do-it-yourselfers will be pleased at the many kits available to match their boat’s size and water source specifications. Depending on your preference you can choose from several lift types that include drive-on, float-on or piling mount. You might think you can’t afford a boat lift, but when you add up the cost for repainting and repairs, plus the time lost from enjoying the boat, a boat lift is a money saver in the long run.
Adding a canopy protects your boat from rain, bright sunrays that cause fading and other weather hazards. Another option is whether you plan to move or spend part of your year in the north and the rest in the south.

If so, a transportable boat lift may be more advantageous for you as compared to a permanent one.

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