Having built many strong relationships with some of the best manufacturers in the marine market, we are able to offer you a wide range of independent advice on all aspects of their equipment.
We have a large selection of various used and new equipment for sale, some available at short notice.
We aim to provide an all-round service to look after your boat handling equipment, with access to all major handlers of boat handling equipment. Perfect Balance, a 49' Marine Trader Salon Bridge, is a well maintained and beautiful classic trawler. The 34' Marine Trader is an industry classic, being one of the best selling small trawler models ever.

If a Top 10 isn’t enough and you’re interested in how the most-searched brands change over time, check out this Soundings Trade Only article from a couple of months ago; we looked at the Top 20 most-searched brands in November ’10, November ’09, and the 12-month period in between.
If you want a specific piece of equipment you would like please contact us let us find it for you. There are hundreds of worthy manufacturers in the boating industry and I’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Manufacturers Searched on Boat Trader in February 2011 by people like you.
And for those tight spots at the dock the Bow thruster will be just what you need.Being a veteran of "the Loop" the Raytheon MFD is loaded with all the Canadian and US charts 2 VHF radios 3 depth sounders and radar.
Moving forward down 3 steps the guest cabin is to port and has a hanging locker night stand and 2 bunks.

Moving forward again you move into the master state room with a queen bed and private entrance to the head. With it's fuel sipping Lehman 135hp engine it has great range and is very economical.She is also equipped with3 Racor filters with vacuum gauge and fuel polishing pump. The bow thruster makes docking her a breeze no matter how tight.The Raytheon MFD is loaded with US and Canadian charts making navigation less of a challenge.

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