At this year’s Miami International Boat Show, world-renowned artist, photographer diver and scientist Guy Harvey was on hand signing autographs and meeting with his fans.
Guy is known all over the world for his stunning artwork and apparel coveted by boaters and non-boaters alike.
2011 Princess C32A ***MOTIVATED SELLER*** CUSTOMIZED INTERIOR, HIGH-END FINISHES AND EXCEPTIONAL LAYOUT EXTRA FUEL TANK & ATLAS CONVERTER This late-model beauty is built to US specs with a 60 Hertz Electrical System.

Her interior was finished in Viareggio, Italy, beautifully handcrafted, with high quality fixtures and finishes.
The new Guy Harvey Artist Pavilion is the largest collection of Guy Harvey apparel, artwork and merchandise ever available at the show. In addition to his artwork, Guy is a leading activist for the conservation and protection of our environment.

Guy dedicates much of his talent, time and resources to programs that protect our oceans, fish population and reef systems.

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