This 2007 Fountain 38′ Lighting from Bluewater Yacht Sales was a big attention-grabber at the 54th Annual Mid-Atlantic Sports and Boat Show. The 54th Annual Mid-Atlantic Sports and Boat Show continues through February 11th at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. The Volvo Penta booth also featured a demo of Volvo’s IPS joystick, which allows you to park your boat in a dock almost as easy as you can drive your car in a parking space. Volvo’s IPS system has the propellers facing forward, pulling the boat through the water the same way aircraft propellers pull a plane through the air. Baja Marine recently announced the creation of the 2008 Hawkeye Boat Sales Split Decision Tour, presented by Hawkeye Boat Sales. The summer-long series of events will feature exclusive appearances by Split Decision, the customized 2008 Baja 40 Outlaw and matching 2008 Chevrolet Kodiak tow vehicle.
With stops across the Midwest, the tour schedule includes Hawkeye Boat Sales’ annual roster of popular on-water parties and poker runs.
Baja Marine, General Motors Corporation, Monroe Truck Equipment and a host of other high-performance boating suppliers all worked together to create Split Decision. For those of you who keep your most prized possession docked behind your home, mooring whips are essential for keeping your vessel safe and sound.
Safe boaters shouldn’t overlook the fact that mooring whips are just one element of complete docking protection.
I recently contracted Pompano Beach’s Mooring Products Worldwide, a leader in mooring whip sales and installation here in South Florida, to install a pair of heavy-duty mooring whips. If you are emotionally attached to your boat like I am, the minimal investment and short amount of work involved with the installation of mooring whips will help you sleep better at night.
Determine precisely where on the dock the mooring whip base units need to be mounted in order provide maximum protection.
With heavy-duty poles, such as the 18-footers’ I selected; it’s a good idea to utilize some sort of backing plate rather than bolting the base unit directly through a plank on the dock. Once the mounts are bolted into position, the poles can be reinserted and the mooring whips prepared for final installation. Base Selection: Standard mooring whips are equipped with fixed angle mounts and are ideally suited for use with small walk-around and center-console type fishing boats.

Heavy-duty whips are equipped with a rubber rocker arm base, which pulls the whip up and out of the way when not in use. Top Tips: A roller tip system will enable you to adjust the whips from the dock for easy boarding.
198 matches found: 1999 Marada Mini Sportster Speed boat GW Invader 25 HP · Amber Submersible Mini Sealed Boat Trailer Clearance an · Red Submersible Mini 2239 items.
These small or mini pontoon boats travels effortlessly through the water with either a small gas outboard motor or a clamp-on electric motor. Mini Motor Boat Manufacturers Mini Motor Boat Suppliers Directory – Find a Mini Motor Boat Manufacturer and Supplier. The longer filter is a water separating fuel filter, which is recommended when using ethanol fuel. Based in Dubuque, Iowa, Hawkeye Boat Sales is one of the largest Baja boat dealers in the world.
Hawkeye hopes to expand that list to include more local events held by Baja enthusiasts, where the tour schedule permits.
I am the guy that did all the electrial from the dash to building the hasness and also all the rigging throu out. Without a pair of whips, even multiple fenders and the strongest dock lines will not guarantee your boat doesn’t ‘bounce’ against the dock and jeopardize its lustrous finish.
Utilizing the appropriate length and tensile strength dock lines, and properly securing your vessel with bow, stern and spring lines all work together for safe mooring. With a newly applied boat wrap, the last thing I wanted was my Strike rubbing against the dock. Typically, 12’, 16’ or 18’ polls will get the job done, with one-piece fiberglass polls the best option. Ideally, you’ll want the stern base unit mounted directly in-line with the stern cleat, and the bow base unit mounted in-line with your vessel’s forward cleat. All that is left is tying your boat out and determining the proper length of line on the mooring whips to securely hold your vessel two to three feet away from the dock.
Add plastic cleats on the poles and you have the ultimate, user-friendly mooring whip set up.

Martin Power Boats offers an exciting line of mini speed boats, from the Mini-Motor Home comes with a fishing boat with outboard motor. Compare Prices on Mini motor boats Robotic Radio Control Toys top brands such as Pro Boat at Mini 12 Kohler Gear Drive (Performance Motor) Mini 9 Robin (Pull and Rated as the toughest and lightest small mud motor build today.
With tiller steering at your Best Answer: Nikki, I am trying very hard not to be disrespectful to your teacher. See store ratings and reviews and find the best prices Boat for sale, Mini cigarette boat with running 30hp Suzuki motor.
The Split Decision 40 Outlaw is equipped with Mercury Racing performance equipment, including twin 700-hp 700 SCi engines, and the most advanced instrumentation from Livorsi Marine. Without the protection, it is inevitable that wakes from passing by boats and breezy conditions will eventually scuff and potentially damage your rubrail or worse yet, your expensive gelcoat. While the installation of mooring whips can definitely be a do it yourself job with only a drill and a couple of wrenches, I chose to have a professional complete the project so I could photograph and document the entire process.
The introduction of the Mini Motor three years ago presented a lot of small boat owners the opportunity to join us in the backwaters.
We had limits on the dimensions, as well as the total voltage China Jet Ski, Inflatable Mini Motor Boat, Inflatable Motorboat and China Jet Ski, Mini Boat, Motorboat,provided by Champion Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.
The matching Chevrolet Kodiak pickup truck was specially customized by Monroe Truck Equipment Inc. The options are standard angled bases or heavy-duty bases equipped with a rubber coupling for maximum flexibility.
The last decision was the tip with a smooth operating roller system the ideal choice for me.

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