A comment about the weather!  Queensland has done a great job of brainwashing everyone in Australia and around the world that the weather in this state is `all heat and sunshine’!  Eternal summer! The anchor passed the drag-test but I was still anxious for some reason … what if a 25 knot breeze blew up overnight and the anchor started to drag??  So, on with the snorkel and mask, out to the anchor where I had a crystal clear view of it and how it was set.  We were in eight (8) metres of water, quite deep.  The anchor had drug (dragged?) but was hooked under a very large block of coral … it wasn’t going anywhere!  That night it blew to 30 knots and I slept pretty well!
The next 6 hours were rough sailing (again) as I was heading high into the breeze (25 knots) for a destination called Pancake Creek  which means back to the mainland for me. Getting back to Lady Musgrove … it is well documented that the lagoon and for that matter, the surrounding coral reefs are studded with coral `bommies’ … and to hit one is to risk a hole in the hull … and water loves to rush through holes!! Didn’t get off Tsunami until Tuesday due to continuing strong winds … and went ashore to Lady Musgrave Island to enjoy a good walk and explore.  A beautiful little island. Anyway the filter was only the beginning of getting her going again and I gained new experience by dismantling the inlet manifold and carburettor … it was necessary to remove water from the carbie!   And then, after a night at anchor in the middle of town it was great to motor to the Bundaberg Port Marina at the mouth of Burnett River … berthing for one night, then anchoring again at the river mouth … and 0415 the next day (still don’t like sailing in the dark, but I’m trying to break myself in slowly, as one day I’ll have no choice) to take off for Lady Musgrave Island about 50 miles north … my first coral island on one of the most southern islands of `The Great Barrier Reef’.  Yair!
We also met up with Bill and Barbara Hastings from Lightwave Catamaran, `Bilbara’, at the factory and ended up having a delicious lunch at the restaurant run by the Riviera Group of boat-builders.  They took 32 orders for new boats at the Show … and in the main their craft go for around $1,000,000 plus, per!
Next day, 24th May ’05, back onto the tilt-train for Bundaberg and onboard Tsunami.  A great adventure over! My jaunt had been planned back in Pittwater, NSW, with friends Roger and Cath Manning inviting me to stay with them in their apartment in Surfers Paradise.  Roger picked me up from the Ribena Railway Station (close to Surfers Paradise) … and Cath and a friend, Sally, had a feast waiting for us on our arrival at  the apartment, a great setup right on the Gold Coast beach.  It doesn’t get any better than this!
The first day at the Show was a flurry of activity trying to visit all the sailing catamarans … which were scattered all over the place.  I should explain there was $300,000,000 worth of boats on display and they were spread over what seemed to be about 10 acres of ground and water … massive!   As well as the floating displays there was around one and a half acres of tented area displaying every conceivable contraption related to power or sailing craft. I learnt what a professional fisherman’s net looks like from this experience … and I hope they learnt not to plant their nets in the middle of a navigable channel! The main industrial company in the city today is EDI Rail, formerly Walkers Limited, a heavy engineering business which has built much of the rolling stock and locomotives for Queensland Rail. I keep asking the locals “Where has Sunny Queensland gone?” and they shake their head and say they can’t remember the last time they experienced such a long period of wet weather … but they need the rain!  No argument.

When you need a new Boat Trailer or Ski Trailer, call the team at Trailers Direct in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. Ask about Finance and our Delivery Service to All Suburbs in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast. If you have any questions about any of these trailers, please feel free to contact us on 0416 394 106 or simply fill out a request form today! WHO HAS DETAILS OF CURRENT TRAILER SAILER BOAT BUILDERS ?Please add: Make, Builders Name, Contact Details, website if available and Date. Sorry I haven't got contact details for on hand:David Rose still had a Careel in a mould last time I spoke to him. Quote:I cant work out why Hartley have not bought out a stich and glue TS16, start the revolution all over againThat has been discussed more than once by the Associations and Hartley Clubs. When I bought my new Magnum in 1988, it was $65k then with trailer so twice the dollars 25 years later sounds reasonable.My ride to work along Beach road is filled with people driving newish cars, lots over the $100k price point so its not a lack of money, my view is people are lazy and a trailer yacht is work and things are often slow and boring.
If there's any sort of future for new trailerable yachts other than hot racers, it's surely got to be a world design capable of export in a 20' or 40' shipping container, built in China. Quote:I cant work out why Hartley have not bought out a stich and glue TS16, start the revolution all over againBecause Hartley's dead and Colin Brookes is an old man. When you want a durable New Custom Trailer in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, call the expert team at Trailers Direct. Each Trailer features heavy duty spring systems, sealed wiring harness, alignment kits and all come with a 3mm checker plate floor. Plus all our range come with duel ladder racks and a extended draw bar to make life easier for you when reversing. Have often thought some of the classic Hartley's could relatively easily be redrawn (actually wouldn't be that hard to more or less convert the plans yourself)Both the Sailing and power boat range (some of the flares would be a challenge) could see a big rebirth!

Down here, like today for instance, you only sail one way, with the wind, then motor back, so that would be bloody perfect. That's the only way I can see the cost of manufacture being remotely competitive in Australia with a pool of second hand boats that is shrinking at about the same rate or slower than the demand.
Cast iron dagger board keels are incredibly cheap, and a great way to go for an economy boat, but they need the best treatment to keep them from corroding.
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