Earl Park is located 100 miles south of Chicago, 100 miles northwest of Indianapolis, 35 miles northwest of Lafayette.
You are welcome and I encourage interested parties to come and look at this item in person. I would call this scammer from a number he hasnt blocked and ask him Is your refrigerator running? Texas titles on boats and motors are not issued from the Texas Department of Transportation(see top left cornering title).
There is NO physical location, there are no other trucks, the seller is working at a computer somewhere (and if he was smart on a public wifi).
What I think happened was they did indeed sell the boat locally - and while I think their business practices are awful (I mean really - blocking a call - just have the balls and the courtesy to say you sold it locally - no need to be a jerk about it), from their point of view they had not taken a deposit from you and you were an out of town buyer - I think you are honest and sincere, but money in hand is the name of the game when you are selling something.

To anyone posting that he may have actually sold the boat, rest assured this was a scam, there was no boat. If you go to google earth, you will see a big site for trucks, but if you google it, it shows an Insurance Auto Auctions..
Can it be that this guy took that address and just added a name to it and did a site accordingly??
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That is not right, this guy is a good scammer for sure, who knows how many people are falling for it, on his web site he got big trucks for sale and he is probable scamming people right now.. First of all those pictures are obviously of a brand new delivered boat in 2007, there is no visual evidence that the boat was ever used or touched by a human.

Also, note the photos were clearly taken at a residence, not at the trucking dealership where the boat was supposedly traded in. You are welcome to come and see it yourself before bidding or have someone look at it for you. Seller finds Lufkin Trucks legitimate ads and uses the info, finds nice pictures (too nice) of a Scout and a Texas title, uses a cracked copy of Photoshop to make it all his own. I highly recommend that nobody buy anything from craigslist unless its local and you can go and see for yourself or have a friend or surveyor see it.

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