Brand new fully galvanised, high quality roller trailers with top quality parts direct from Indespension. Equipped with important cruising, fishing and sailing capabilities, its appearance commands attention, even on land.
The WavEco 2.6M Slatted Floor Dinghy is incredibly lightweight and if you are a looking for a dinghy which has been designed for leisure use, then look no further. Musto have redesigned the shorter length Championship Buoyancy Aid with enhanced ergonomic for for the racing sailor. Follow us on facebook and get the latest news and advice from the boating communitybecome a fan!

The Pela 6000 Oil Changer packs in all the punch and power of the bigger models into a smaller, more affordable model. Provides 275 newtons inflated buoyancy which provides greater turning moment and higher floating position. A stylish sailing or casual jacket with a better fit and flexibility than the previous version.
The Dubarry Derg Performance Jacket is perfect as a technical layering jacket with a waterproof and breathable membrane. Uniquely designed chassis with several cross sections and top rail provides additional strengths.

Minimum bulk with maximum freedom of movement Adjustable thigh straps Can fasten onto sailing jacket.

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