If you're looking to have a great time out on the water in Newport, Adventure Watersports is the place to go.
Private Marine Photo Tours are available by appointment only.Call 401-849-4820 for details. Fill out the form below to inquire about their services and availability for your preferred dates.
Miscellaneous: 1) Most trips are not recommended for children under 12 years of age--ask to bring younger ones.
You can go jet skiing, kayaking, fishing and you can even charter your own yacht for an afternoon here! Send a personal check, payable to The Bird Guide, Inc., for the full trip amount, along with names of each participant for which you are sending payment.

Regardless of the weather, raincoat and rain pants are almost always necessary due to wave splash and spray.
They maintain clean and well-kept rooms (especially bathrooms, bedding, and kitchens (if included)), separate smoking and non-smoking rooms, friendly office staff, and are fairly well-insulated for quiet.
Cancellations in writing for a refund are allowed up to 21 days before the trip, less a $5 per person cancellation fee. Prices are for simple rooms, double-occupancy, from off-season to peak season (August and holidays). Some birds are seen only briefly or at a distance, and are missed by some participants or even trip leaders.
Don't make a bet with your buddy about who's going to get sick first--you both will if you play this game.

Please let us know your target birds and we'll make a special effort to help you identify them if we detect them. The decision to cancel a trip is made at the dock or, frequently, the evening before the trip--no sooner. 7) Driving to Portland to catch a plane or other after-trip appointments: Trips may end sooner or last longer than stated, depending upon conditions. You also may be more exhausted than you think after the trip, and need to rest, clean up, and eat.

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