See why we are quickly becoming Lake Normans premier upholstery shop for boats, churches, and commercial applications. Partering with Lake Effects Marine to provide complete boat customization from gelcoat to fully customized interiors. Boat upholstery repair Altadena California is serving custom boat upholstery repair for sofas, chairs, canvas, walls, and general upholstery restoration for boat furniture interiors.
Custom boat repair Altadena is a professional upholstery service for any boat size located in Altadena. TAGS: boat upholstery repair altadena, boat repair altadena, boat reupholstery repair altadena, boat upholstery furniture altadena, boat interior repair in altadena. Marine upholstery Altadena is a provider of a wide variety of boat upholstery services to help you with restoration your boat. Custom Marine upholstery repair in Altadena California where you can find everything about reupholstering your boat or yacht.

Altadena boat upholstery repair more than the vinyl of your outdoor boat in your home or the ocean, we go to your place to inspect the upholstery and give you free estimate. TAGS: altadena boat upholstery repair, boat furniture upholstery altadena, altadena boat repair.
Charlies Custon Upholstery has experience and skills in crafting only the finest upholstery projects from boat vinyl interiors to church pew seating and restaraunt booth refurbishment.
Here you can see the quality of vinyl and canvas work that we perform and email us with any questions and a free estimate on your next upholstery job.
We always stand behind the high and modern quality of our custom workmanship and provider manufacturers in the marine industries. Using highly durable material such water proof resistant vinyl, your boat will look great like new again and will remain the beauty for a long time. We have the best materials for boat canvas that will let your boat breathe and keep the mildew away..

With over 25 years of experience upholstering boat interiors furniture we consider the king upholstering any boat. The experts in marine boat upholstery serving Altadena to the people who love to seal the ocean. Boat furniture upholstery Altadena is a professional service provided by an expert in boat interiors.

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