Please include your e-mail address below if you would like us to respond to your comments or questions. Seawater is a good conductor and freshwater a bad conductor, so corrosion is worse in seawater. Use of other re-arm kits may result in improper operation or failure to operate and will void the product's warranty. However, cracks and crevices, which are areas starved of oxygen, become anodic and corrode also. Higher temperature increases corrosion rates - doubling for every 30 degrees C (55 degrees F).
There are various types of microorganisms that can contribute to corrosion, either by removing protection or causing a corrosive environment.

You need anodes on your engine because when two different metals are in contact, electrons will flow from the more negatively charged metal (anode) to the more positive metal (cathode). If you want to protect both types of metal from corrosion, you must add a third metal such as zinc, although magnesium and aluminum are also used. Martyr™ zinc and aluminum anodes protect very well in salt and brackish waters where magnesium anodes protect the best in fresh water. Factors such as warm water temperatures, polluted water and stray current corrosion can cause your anodes to waste away at an accelerated rate so it is wise to check them on a regular basis. The complete and active 'giving' of a Martyr anode is your assurance of the best protection you can buy for your boat.
This destructive process is caused by electrolysis, an electric current set up between the metal parts of your boat, with salt water as the electrolyte.

The results are unattractive, affect operating performance, and cause excessive maintenance of hull, propellers, engine, accessories and fittings.
This activeness is the reason that a steel fitting can corrode away while a brass one next to it will not.
Both these parts could be protected, however, by a properly installed Martyr activated alloy anode.

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