As well as providing wraps and graphics for road vehicle, the MotoFX team are highly experienced in providing high quality marine graphics and wraps. Our vinyl boat wraps aren’t just a cheaper alternative to conventional painting and gel-coating, they offer a modern, professional look to marine vehicles that can easily be reversed or updated should the need arise. Our marine design team boasts years of experience in marine graphics and wraps for a wide variety of boats and purposes, from full colour changes to the application of sponsors and advertisers – have a look at our portfolio below, or get in touch with us on 0845 467 5353 for an informal discussion.
We boast a dedicated marine graphics department, utilising a wealth of experience in the industry designing, printing and applying high quality graphics and wraps to a range of marine vehicles. Vehicle wraps have become very common in major cities in the UK on most vehicles including city buses, shuttle buses, taxi cabs, and trucking companies. So whether you are a professional tournament bass fisherman, weekend ski or wakeboarding enthusiast, or captain a performance in shore or offshore boat, Prestige Wrap can turn your boat in to a vibrant, eye-catching symbol that will make waves on the lake or ocean when you take it out.

Our design team will create a custom boat design to show off your own uniqueness or that of your sponsor. If you’d prefer to discuss your potential project via email, drop us a line using the contact form and our marine graphics and wraps team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
Whether you’re looking for branded exteriors, a complete colour change or just added protection for your boats, our team can help. Once installed our graphics are fully warranted to bear the brunt of the hard exposure to marine environments. We can combine leading edge graphic design practices with photographic quality printing to create unsurpassed and unlimited design options to set you ahead of the competition. In the marine industry, wraps are the most common method for announcing sponsorship, team image and company brand.

In fact, boats are moving billboards when traveling to and from the marina or in competitions where spectators and sponsors will see your wrap. You and your boat deserve the best full-color graphics to showcase your boat from the marina to the open water. This will definitely turn heads as you drive to the bass tournament or marina or boat ramp.

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