When the activity in the main house becomes too much, this boathouse provides the perfect sanctuary by the water. Christine Albertsson of Albertsson Hansen Architects completely remodeled the structure, which included installing a new kitchen. Because the main house is elevated above the water, the aim was to provide facilities so the homeowners could make the most of this part of their property for entertaining and relaxing next to the lake. Lisa Peck of LiLu Interiors collaborated with Albertsson to design the interior of the boathouse, which also includes a powder room, sitting room and outdoor area. To create this, the architect and designer used conventional forms with a clean finish.Not surprisingly, there is a focus on outdoor living – the dining suite is without upholstery so it can easily be moved outside when needed. A microwave hidden by Douglas fir cabinets and an outdoor grill provide all the cooking facilities needed for entertaining or relaxing. Peck describes the main house, for which she designed the interior, as a more lavish expression of the aesthetic of the boathouse. Gulf Coast Waterfront Solutions is the leading choice for both residential and commercial Boathouse & Boat Lift Construction and Repair in.

If You can dream it, we can build itBoat Houses, Sun Shelters, Play Porches, Screen porches, Garden Sheds, Tea Houses, Pool Cabanas, Carriage Houses, Sitting Rooms.
No place has more charm than a little boathouse perched An exclusive design for Southern Living by Historical Ext.
If You can dream it, we can build itBoat Houses, Sun Shelters, Play Porches, Screen porches, Garden Sheds, Tea Houses, Pool Cabanas, Carriage Houses, Sitting Rooms To order boathouse plans or to inquire on pricing, please message Hartbeat Construction: or call our office at (903)581-5622. Free Houseboat Plans to Build a House Boat or Pontoon, construction design Our new boathouse is becoming a reality at last! The ceiling was also painted white to magnify the light and create a sense of space,” says the architect. She says that as the building is primarily used for entertaining, the kitchen was very important. A drinks tub is built into the kitchen countertop, and casement windows directly above push out to open onto the deck area, so the counter can be used as a bar for serving guests outside. A working fireplace means that the sitting room can still be enjoyed in the winter months, when the owners do not entertain there as frequently.

I have ideas and plan on building a steamboat-houseboat, and am looking for some information. Last Updated (Tuesday, 22 March 2011 11:49) Written by James Sunday, 21 February 2010 12:33 Building a boathouse? The expert designers on staff at Dale's Marine Construction (DMC) will help you develop a visual concept of your project before building begins.
5Fish Web Design – Web Hosting Bracebridge Our “Silver” boathouse design is very strong and attractive.

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