Between its industry-leading fractional-aircraft programs and Signature Series fleet of customized business jets, NetJets has given its clients good reason to expect high levels of customer service and exclusivity.
Over the last several years, the Columbus, Ohio–based company has opened private airports at some of its highest-traffic destinations around the United States for the dedicated use of its fractional-share owners and program members. NetJets has opened its sixth dedicated-use fixed-base operation (FBO), located at Florida’s Palm International Airport (PBI), which hosts more than 10,000 NetJets flights annually.

NetJets has leased the space from Signature Flight Support, which operates a global network of FBOs. The 10,000-square-foot PBI facility offers NetJets clients exclusive access to a convenient parking area, a business center, and a lounge.
It also includes a crew area, flight-planning facilities, a children’s entertainment area, and access to some 6 acres of paved ramp space.

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