More Cubic Inches Than The Entry Level Road Runner And Impressive Looks To Back Up Its Domination. Be 1 Of A Select Few That Has The Honor And Privilege Of Preserving Our Great American Muscle Car Heritage By Owning Such A Timeless Treasure As This 1968 Plymouth GTX.
This Vehicle Is In Classic Car Show Championship Winning Condition And Is Ready For Any Road Trip Or Can Be The Center Piece Of Any Top Level Collection You May Have.

Call PM Standley Motorcars at 972-820-XXXX Buy from the TEXAS WHOLESALE GIANT - PM STANDLEY MOTORCARS. In business since 1944, The PM Standley Motorcars has been supplying vehicles to every major automobile chain in the country and now you can cut out the middle man. WHY PAY FULL RETAIL FOR A QUALITY USED VEHICLE WHEN YOU CAN SHOP WHERE THE DEALERS SHOP AND SAVE THOUSANDS!!!

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