I am wanting 23000 or would take a pontoon boat and cash or a bass boat and cash or cash or bass boat and pontoon boat. Garmin-GHP 10 autopilot with 2.0 pump and handheld remote (great for steering the boat from the crows nest). Wow what a dick, if you don't like it don't buy it, but don't shame the mans boat on an open forum.
If a man were to know the end of this day's business 'ere it come, but it suffices that the day will end and then the end be known.

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Boat has been stored inside marina since 2009, boat is in excellent condition and shows like new. If I were you (since I've seen your posts wanting a CH 24), I'd be looking seriously at this one if you're willing to travel for it. Believe me I'm not the forum police nor do I want to be, it just struck a nerve and I shouldnt have been so harsh and it isn't any of my business anyway.

They regularly last for thousands (yes, plural) of hours, and I remember a story of one 225 that lasted for 25 thousand hours.
Went over 60 miles out and back, trolling around and still had half a tank when I got back.

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