The following River states should definitely be passing Resolutions, because the Delta Queen passes through their States. I hadn't even mentioned that the Delta Queen has had the same insurer, Lloyds of London , since 1972. I believe he was 82 years of age & was still laying up hulls several months ago before his stroke. Well, as I got fired up about the Belle of Louisville, being originally from Little Rock, I would wonder how come you haven't gone after the President, the steamboat based at Iowa City owned by the Isle of Capri.

There are only 125 of these coins availabale, and they will also be available on EBAY at a different price. Actually, she has been a National Historic Landmark since 1989, and before that a National Historic Place, but fact alone is not enough to keep her in operation as a passenger-carrying riverboat.
Dwight Hartman of Hartman Fiberglas passed away Monday afternoon after complications of a stroke.
California should be in full support, because she came from that State, and played a great role in World War Two, as well as operating as a Passenger Boat on the Sacramento River.

She needs an act of Congress to exempt her from a 1966 law that inadvertently lumped her in with seagoing vessels.
At the moment we who are fighting to keep the boat running on the inland waterways face two obstacles: One is getting the bill through the Senate and the House of Representatives, over the objections of the two committee chairmen who must okay it before it goes before the members of both houses of Congress.

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