With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. I used a polymorph extruded tube to pass give structure and pass the motors' wires and insulating tape just to support the box. If you use a motoruino, you just have to connect the battery and motors' wires to the board. This will show you how to build a robot boat from cheap and easy to use materials, I think it is also a good example of reusing water bottles.
I used two water bottles, polymorph plastic, two motors and propellers, tape, a box, a battery and a motoruino (Arduino clone designed to work with motors, servos and sensors).

Take out the bottle cap and insert the motor on its mouth (you can use some insulating tape if you see that there is space between the motor and the plastic). It’s just a matter of being resourceful in order to create awesome and impressive things.
Just like this man who managed to make a toy rowing boat with the use of some stuff you can see inside your house. Just follow the instructions given by the man explaining it and after following the steps, you can now enjoy the rest of day with your new playmate. This kind of invention really shows that in order to make a cheap yet user-friendly gadget like this one,A you can use the materials available in your house.

The materials needed are the following: 3V DC motor with a pulley, switch and AAA battery with a holder, cardboard and a styrofoam.

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