I have been looking at building a boat for a bit now, I am looking at the Vagabond 20' or 23' as a trailer sailor, large enough for a weekend sail with the kids and small enough to haul. If so what did you find challenging about the build or what improvements would you suggest? Location: Australia It might be a bit too sporty for your requirements but a current design for home building that is gaining momentum is the i550.
Nice looking craft, I'll take it into consideration ,and review it today, I appreciate your replies, good budget to build as well I see.
That said a 20-25 ft is a great size and trailerable, although I can set a mooring at his place and not have to worry about the trailering so much. Location: OREGON Scroll down to see a very pretty sailboat called the Kingston Lobster Boat.
Originally Posted by rasorinc Scroll down to see a very pretty sailboat called the Kingston Lobster Boat. Best, Stan I agree rosorinc that is a beautiful boat, and thanks for the post, I have a issues of the woodenboat magazine and they have a nice weekender in the latest issue. Location: New Brunswick, Canada I really appreciate the input from everyone, it is reassuring that a boat build is in my future and to have the many folks here to pick their brains. I am relatively new to the entire nautical lifestyle, enjoyed a few boats in my youth, and enjoyed learning to sail and am so excited to get a build going!
I hate to be the devil's advocate here, but building a boat is a big commitment in terms of time, money and effort. We have been sailing as the crew on the Allyance,(brother-in-law's) a 27ft Hunter, for a few summers now, and both my wife and I love it. I have the full support of my wife on the build (as long as the other regular house maintenace doesn't go slack LOL). I really liked a lot of the reasons behind the CLC Pocketship as detailed in the Woodenboat article and on the CLC website. I am now on my THIRD build and i know it sounds absolutely CRAZY that i started another small build in the middle of my big build, but what i learned this time around will save me MANY hours of time further down the line.
The learning curve is endless and i can now absolutely prove it - that by building a small dinghy first, you do save time and money. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The Plans and construction manual also come with a two hour DVD featuring construction footage, tips and some good sailing footage. After a little thinking and seeing what other builders have done, I decided to alter the design just a tad. We all spent the first week visiting the sites and doing the fun parks like all tourists are supposed to do. Way back in time - shortly after my brother was born (mid 1950's) my dad got drafted into the US Navy.
I really enjoyed the ease with which the windrider tri handled - and did I mentioon that my wife really liked the trampolines - except when the spray would hit her on the behind sides. Sure, you can always just buy a little sailboat for taking with you during the summer's weekend trips.  But why not impress the wife and kids by pretending to build one from scratch?   That's exactly what you can do with the DIY Sailboat Kit.
Made by the Balmain Boat Company, it's a DIY sailboat kit that includes everything you need to assemble your own little sailer.  Everything is pre-cut, too, so you don't have to do any difficult cutting work (not that you have to admit that to anybody else) -- just follow the instructions to put the individual parts together and you've got yourself a real boat you can take down the waters. According to the product page, the boat takes approximately 30 hours to complete, so it will probably take you about 60, which still sounds awesome.  You'll need to give the epoxy and sealant two weeks to set, though, so don't just drive down to the beach as soon as you finish the thing. Sailing can be one of the most relaxing, fun activities that can be done during the hot summer season.
First of all you are going to need building plans for the type and style that you want to build.
Now that the hull is dry and set the next step is to do the other details such as seat, tiller, deck, storage area, among others.
We’ve been featured on the front page of Reddit and produced off-shoot club night Friday Night Fist Fight, launched a Creative Agency and events column The London List.

We’ve been featured on the front page of Reddit and produced off-shoot club nights Friday Night Fist Fight and Adventurers of the Peak, launched a Creative Agency and events column The London List.
Now this is a project that I have never taken on before, so I have no clue as to how to proceed.
Seems ambitious for a first build, but given enough attention to detail, I imagine you'll do fine.
Not sure about the photo: I copied it and opened it in Photoshop and it's not reversed (black) there, but it does have a blue background! He showed me this design of his and instead of trying to re invent the wheel, it made more sense to get the entire plan and all the specs sheets from and have him available to ask questions of and get help when needed. Three questions in comparing the types of boats - do you have deep enough water in your area to accommodate the 39" draft?
Well, According to Paul, this one will have about 34" draft and no there are not alot of places to sail it.
This boat for me will be a learning tool, my ultimate goal is to Liveaboard Cruise, I am 63, shoot, I have 24 years to catch up with him and beat his record. I currently own a FG Cape Dory Typhoon, on a trailer, full keel, 19', 2000 pounds, 3' draft.
It has virtually no interior framing.what bulkheads that it does have will be made and incorporated as one of the stations, the chines are all taped seam construction. In the mid west for the past couple of summers, it has been cool and moderate, of course Corn farmers are not happy. While the water around Hawaii was cobalt blue - and bottomless - the water in the Bahamas is turqouise - and you can see the bottom almost all the time!
We were there in the morning till late afternoon but the street vendors and weird people were just beginnig to set up as we were leaving. We even sailed on a pirate ship out of Clearwater (and one of grandsons threw up everyhwhere)!
Since Dad was in the Navy & stationed at Pearl early on in their marriage, Mom thought it would be nice for them to go back and visit the Island for thier 50th anniversary. My brother and I and our wives sailed a catamaran cruise - did I mention how LARGE the water is over there? No, not as in my real honeymoon, but in that I rented a Windrider Trimaran from a shop called "Sail Honeymoon" on the causeway from Dunedin, FL out to Honeymoon Island.
It was March in central Florida and it was sunny and warm - but 70 degree water is kinda cold when it hits your sunny body. Wouldn’t it be great to not only have the fun of sailing but the self satisfaction of knowing that you built your own boat? There are many available, from the free, basic sets, to the commercial variety that is sometimes quite expensive. Assembling these accurately, along with the other pieces that form the basic structure of the boat is extremely important. Once you have brushed the epoxy on and sealed the edges tightly, using clamps until the epoxy dries, make sure that you have put epoxy on any fiberglass tape used at the joints. Once you have finished these items to your satisfaction, use a maritime paint to paint both inside and outside of your new sailboat.
Including everything you need to make your very own sailboat, the kits comes with prepared wood, hardware, sealant, and glue, plus a sail, ropes, mast, boom, and gaff.
Launching back in 2005 as a digital publication about Sony’s PSP handheld games console, we’ve grown and evolved now covering the arts and lifestyle, architecture, design and travel. Launching back in 2005 as a digital publication about Sony’s PSP handheld games console, we’ve grown and evolved beyond recognition, now covering art, film, music, style, architecture and design.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Who knows, with all this "Global Warming" you might have ocean front property before you know it! Building a current design with a growing fleet might be a cheaper option as the resale value will be better.

My son recently graduated from college and started working in Bradenton, FL so a family trip was in order. I had to take a quick weekend back to Arkansas to do a wedding and when I got back to Florida everyone but the wife had returned to Arkansas! This time we rented for several days - again from Sail Honeymoon - and the water was like 90 degrees. After his initial stint in boot camp in San Diego he was stationed at Pearl the rest of the time he was in the Navy.
Since I was born there while Dad was stationed at Pearl, Mom thought it might be nice if we made it a family affair.
We were just about a quarter of a mile out of the harbor and the swells were lifing and dropping that boat like a toy in a bathtub.
I had intended to rent a boat and get a few hours instruction in it at that time but the weather just didn't cooperate. Building your own boat also means that everything is exactly where you want it to be because you put it there.
Regardless of which you chose, they all will serve you well otherwise they would not be available to the general public.
Take your time in making the form as accurate as possible so that the final product does not suffer. Andrews NB or Grand Manan, but for the most part as mentioned before mostly river sailing.
We got to see the Truman house, sample Key Lime Pie and generally walk all about town without too much of a crowd. The tour guide stopped, jumped out in waist deep water and comes up with a sea slug - a translucent, almost chartruese green, ball of slime - and it looked just like Shrek with those little bugle ear things. Mom travelled over to Hawaii and lived their just off the base and I was born little later. Anyway, Mom & Dad and her sister and husband both celebrated their 50th and my brother and myself and our wives celebrated our 30 somethings.
Below are a few easy steps that will lead to a sailboat that you have built yourself and the pride and sense of accomplishment that comes with it. You can use duct tape to plaster the outside seams, while epoxy resin should be used on the inside seams. It's not exactly the boat I would choose to build as a trailerable lake cruiser, but she is a beauty, and plywood taped-seam will stand the drying out just fine.
There was a smallish military boat there at the docks, a few guards, but mostly a lot of Bahamains spreading a lot of grey paint. My wife and I - our oldest daughter plus her three kids - our youngest daughter, husband and their two kids - and our youngest son & his very pregnant wife - all loaded up and went to see our oldest son and his new wife in Bradenton, FL. It helped that we had a real close dolphin encounter and that we were sailing the grass beds around Caladesi Island. We were in Florida visiting my wife's mother during Spring Break so we just pigged out on fresh seafood for a week. It did take some tricks to launch, like going at high tide, and slacking the trailer down the ramp with a line. Albion Plans are 1.9mb in PDF initialise thirty-nine pages book of instructions indium Italian Building modeling glide Ships.
This was one of Royal Caribbeans smallest ships and their newest ships are almost 3 times bigger! He rented me the boat for 2 hours but he wanted to go out with me for 30 minutes or so just to make sure I know what I'm doing. Building type A model ship atomic number 49 the traditional agency how to build a sailboat model pdf If You wishing To Know How to Build a Boat DIY.

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