Moving my open bow runabout out of the garage I snagged the top of the windshield frame on the garage door and basically destroyed one section of it.
I have access to some CNC machine tools and a wire EDM (making an extrusion die?) but I have no experience with aluminum extrusion or how to recreate the required contour. Location: maine I would replace the entire top exrtusion with a custom mahogany piece. Either you get lucky and find the correct extrusion, or replace the whole top molding with matched pieces, or go with a wood replacement.
It should be laminated from thinner strips, glued with epoxy, and well sealed with epoxy and many coats of varnish. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
This boat went to Sitka, Alaska, where she caught enough halibut to feed a hatchery crew, among other duties.
If you happen to live in America's Great Southwest, there are some serious boating opportunities. We are located on the Snohomish River in the Pacific Northwest, about 20 miles north of Seattle. Here we have a set of frames for a cabin dory, with jigging legs attached and all set up on the ladder frame.
David is fairing the cabin beams on a different 21' Nexus Dory, in a different part of the shop, while the client's little girl frolics in the shavings. Aucune de vos activites sur Ma Presse ne sera partagee sur votre page Facebook sans votre consentement. Accessible sur, La Presse+ et La Presse Mobile, Ma Presse est votre espace personnel ou sont regroupees vos activites effectuees sur l'un ou l'autre de nos produits numeriques. Retrouvez la liste de vos activités, incluant vos sauvegardes, partages et commentaires.
La terrasse, elle, peut accueillir pres de 4000 personnes; elle comprend une piscine trois fois grande comme une piscine olympique et un jardin ou poussent 250 essences d'arbres. As an inviting and useful sign, an awning will provide an attractive introduction to your store. At Sign Kwik, we know how important it is to stand out from the other awning or canopies competing for attention. Fabric Awnings: A fabric awning will deliver shade to your storefront, as well as giving your storefront a classic appearance. Vinyl Awnings: A vinyl awning delivers climate control and shade, providing shelter from the elements to your storefront. Backlit Awnings: A backlit awning produces the most glamour, while providing the maximum attention draw to your awning in any light. Sign delivery, installation, repair and restoration is available in and around our installation areas. Location: Arlington, WA-USA glass is very sensitive to edge pressure, most installations require large margins around the edges using flexible sealant.
Also consider that wood will expand and contract with temp and moisture, dry climates could cause the frame to shrink and put pressure on the glass.
Location: Eustis, FL As Petros mentioned glass doesn't like it's edges fooled with.
Location: new york Thanks for the replies gentleman, when I replace the pane I'll allow slightly more for expansion. Looks like the difficult task will be removing all the sealant and glass without damaging the frame. Consult Boatdesign net contributior Rwatson handy link thread and window bedding is well covered.

Try removing the glass with an Fein mulitpurpose tool (or equal) with a convex cutting blade. Location: new york I see how a multipurpose tool such as a Fein would make this removal much easier than I thought. Location: Milwaukee, WI The glass is cracked, so you don?t need to save it. Location: Ireland We usually removed cracked glass by putting lots of sticky tape on both faces and then breaking it. Location: Milwaukee, WI It's laminated glass, so it has a plastic film in the middle. Location: Eustis, FL A hot knife works well and does little damage, plus leaves the glass intact so it can be used as a template, which in this case should probably be smaller. On a windscreen that size, I'd heat up a wide putty knife (6") with a torch and press it to the glass, while shoving it into the sealant.
Location: new york Yeah PAR, with all respect to Gonzo I think like you do especially with the glass setting in that cavity I built into the pillars.
A putty knife would work but I'm thinking that a drywall taping knife might be even better at least for the first pass.
Location: Australia Fishing boat cabin rebuild - reshaped Starting this project I had no experience with fiberglass whatsoever and that is why I have to thank everyone that takes time to share their knowledge and experiences online.
Ok so I decided to do some mods on my boat and decided to change the shape of the cabin as the one fitted on the boat didnt quiet suit my needs and was leaving much unused valuable space, but most of all I wanted to learn about boats and do this as a learning project.
And heres a pic of a cabin on a seaswirl stripper, this is roughly the shape I was after to suit my needs. Location: Australia After a lot of research I decided to build a foam form and lay fiberglass on top. Location: australia love the hull, looks like a greywell commando built in melbourne.
I steamed 4 sheets here (I found that ply sheets this thin dont really have to be steamed getting them wet with hot water was enough) and just slowly bent them. Originally Posted by whitepointer23 love the hull, looks like a greywell commando built in melbourne. Location: Australia Using the jig I made 2 halves and joined them together using a scarph joint. Location: Australia From there I decided to go with rigid expandable foam and build a rough shape of the cabin. Location: Australia I went back and forth deciding how the shape will look with the rest of the boat. Location: Australia Next step was adding draft to the sides of the cabin this was for aesthetic reasons as well as construction reasons, as at this point I haven?t decided how I was going to fibreglass the whole thing. Location: Australia By pressing the jig against my plywood laminate and sliding the drill up and down I was able to get pretty smooth, even and consistent draft along the whole form.
Location: Australia Length of the cabin was important in order to get the proportions looking right but this was difficult without having the windscreen. So whether you want a boat for inshore fishing, offshore fishing, beach camping, island hopping, family outings, or just a pickup truck of a boat, this versatile boat can do the job. According to the owner, you just put a shark hook through the head, pull 'em up until the hook digs into the bottom of the guard, tie the line off to the opposite gun'l, then sit on that gun'l and wait for 'em to suffocate. One of the great things about these boats is that you just run them ashore to load and unload people and camping gear. You can get your dory on this page, too, by simply owning or building one and sending us a really fabulous photo. C'est la nouvelle extravagance qui flotte dans le ciel de Singapour, gracieusete de l'hotel Marina Bay Sands.Ouvert en avril dernier, l'hotel de plus de 2500 chambres compte un casino, un centre commercial, deux theatres et un musee.

Awnings entice foot traffic to enjoy a brief respite from the metro Atlanta heat; while there, your front window display can convert the passerby into a new customer. Thata€™s why we offer a wide selection of awnings and are happy to help you choose the perfect awning for your specific needs. It's very common to see the lower edge crack or chip as this is the place gravity pulls it to in the frame. A wire works, though wouldn't be my recommendation on this type of frame, as it can damage wooden frames pretty easily.
This forum has taught me most of the knowledge I have today on boatbuilding and helped me get through some tough step on this project. And as you can see from the pic I had to crawl to the access hatch just to pull the anchor in. Than I realised that standard plywood boards would just snap if I tried to bend them in angles I needed. If you are using too much force to bend the sheets chances are your wood is not wet enough, just keep steaming until you can bend it with ease. So this boat has a 40HP Honda in a splashwell, a teak windscreen, bright cabin and cockpit interior, downriggers, fishing chairs, and the necessary electronics. Notice that the cabin bulkhead has been notched at the sheer for the deck shelf, which will go into the setup after the stem has been installed. I try to avoid placing glass in frames on site, preferring to remove the frame, lay it flat on a table then drop the glass in, so it floats uniformly around all edges, while the goo cures (a few weeks). So im sharing my project with everyone and hope someone finds it useful like i have many of your posts on this forum. So what I did was (jump on the forums and read read read) got myself 3mm thick plywood sheets and using a jig I made steam my sheets and epoxy them together.
When pouring foam use any sort of pva sheets or tape to cover areas you don?t want the foam sticking to, this stuff will stick to almost anything and the only way to get it off is to sand it off. If I decided to go with the mold having draft to the side would help me pull out my part from the plug.
We chose to put an epoxy undercoat on these frames before setting them up, as the interior was to be painted. Also, notice that the cabin bulkhead has been cut off short to put the boat at a better working height. This boat will be dry sailed, or kept out of the water when not in use, so it's OK to use Awlgrip on the bottom instead of antifouling.
Turn it over and do it again with the putty knife against the glass and most of the sealant will have melted or burned off. Once the foam was poured and dried I went around the edges with a hand saw and roughly cut the shape I was after. I have modified soldering iron tips (home made tips) that can be sharpened and to a fine job or this. If you look closely, you can see that the chine gussets have been allowed to run wild on the topsides. Even some elbow grease with a utility knife and straight edge blade, will yield results eventually, though it's easy to slip and leave a deep scratch.

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