I have a tecumseh 6 hp (OHH60) and the posts that i have seen reguarding this issue all pertain to honda or lifan engines. I have looked and looked through manuals, reference guides, and every corner of the internet to find an operating angle limit for my engine without sucess. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
I ordered a prop from youngs for my weed wacker i went with the t-10 it says counter rotation i had a trolling motor prop from wall mart and it only went reverse i pretty sure that the trolling motor prop pushes clock wise. Look son, no need to go all on the defensive here, I was just trying to give some advise and save you some headaches down the road. Are you looking to go fast, have more power and just plain have the best damn mudmotor on the planet? Tail Outboards, home of the original belt driven surface drive is the fastest, the best in quality and the only motor Find best value and selection for your Hunting Boat Mud Motor Surface Drive 35 HP Go Devil search on eBay. Also, the new Surface Drive Boat has a large front deck which could accommodate a trolling motor for fishing or house gear in the optional below-deck storage compartment.

The GO-DEVIL® Surface Drive Engine is packed with features that are engineered GO-DEVIL BOATS SURFACE DRIVE BOATS GO-DEVIL BOAT BLINDS GO-DEVIL FLOATING BLINDS MUD BUDDY ENGINES Gator Trax does not charge a dealer prep or rigging charge for non remote steer Mud Buddy motors mounted on Gator Trax Boats. My tapered rollers are mounted collar to collar inside a 1.5 inch electrical couplings similar too jr pre360's idea so I can set the preload without the use of lock collars.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. We offer an extensive line of mud motors, waterfowl boats, and hunting blindswe're Seems that I have another problem with my boat. It is the first surface drive motor built under under 9 Horsepower and ideal choice for folks with 12 foot Jon Boats. I would love To Make a 16hp large mud motor and i have been looking at everything I can find out here about home made mud motor I am pretty good at making things and my brother inlaw has a metal shop that makes tanks to work in. SO when you get the seal pics ill be the first one drooling over them.THansk for the pics sofar !
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A friend of mine designed a drive system I wanted to build something better that the surface drive mud motors built.
When Pro-Drive introduced their “X” series boat line, it was their goal An improved propulsion system is provided for inboard motor boats with planing-type hulls. You are relying on the friction fit between your shaft and bearing cups to transmit all of your thrust?
If that is the case, your motor is at risk of a couple serious modes of failure when your out on the water. First the bearing could start slipping at any time and the forces will push the shaft up and out of the housing toward your U-joint, binding it and possibly ripping your longtail apart. This will allow the proper transfer of thrust into the bearing cones and also serve to keep the shaft from walking out the bottom end.

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