Location: Romania Building a catamaran for both river and sea First of all I want to greet everybody and say that I appreciate and share your passion for boats. In the last period, I was charmed by catamarans, and the ideea of building one haunted me day and night.
We live near the Danube River and Danube Delta, in Romania, and because of this we want to build a cat that is suitable both for sea sailing and in the same time capable to navigate on the river ( cut-watering way, ascenting).
Atfer researching a couple of days on the internet I found this forum, and I think that is a starting point where we can ask for advices enthusiast which maybe somethimes they where in the same situation like us. My father build in the last years 3 pontoons - floating hotels - approximately of 30 meters lenght each (made by steel) and I can proudly say that he have some experience in this area - even building a wood catamaran is not the same thing, there are some overlapping knowledges. Location: Milwaukee, WI I think that your best bet is to talk to the person that designed those floating hotels.
Originally Posted by gonzo I think that your best bet is to talk to the person that designed those floating hotels. I'm also asking you if you know designers where I can buy plans, as I'm trying to find as many plans as possible, in order to achieve an overview of the offer and to be sure I found some plans which fits as much as possible my needs (as regarding functionality and design, costs). I'm asking any of you who use a cat for both sailing and river navigation and if you have any documents and guidelines ( or even pictures) of cats build with this purpose in mind. Location: California I was completely unaware that the Danube Delta existed, until you started this thread. Location: OREGON Hi speed CAT Here is a brand new design intended for operation on the US Colorado river and lake Havasu. We presently have a number of our mono hull designs under construction and operating on the Black Sea as high speed police boats.
Wonder what the draft is, I was thinking the OP would need a much smaller cat, like a Gemini 32 or similar with shoal draft. My biggest problem is finding a suitable cat plan for regular river navigation and especially in cut-water. Originally Posted by troy2000 I was completely unaware that the Danube Delta existed, until you started this thread.
As I said, I'll navigate only on the main arteries, so as regarding river width and depth, dimensions of the cat doesn't represent any concern. I'm sure I want a catamaran, it could be proven beeing faster that a monohull, lighter and roomy. In conclusion, if anybody of you can guide me in finding ( to buy ) some plans for a catamaran suitable for long engine cruises, like 300 miles along the river using twin small engines (like 20 hp), spacious enough for at least 4 peoples, stable and safe enough for short sea cruises I'll be fully grateful !

I'll also be very perceptive if you prove me that it's very difficult to find such a design and it's better to find some plans suitable for sailing or only for river cruising.
Originally Posted by specmar The boat is 14 meters x 4.5 meters and is designed to be cut automatically by computer controlled machines. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Location: denmark need help in building a small catamaran I would like to build a small cat. Location: Florida Last year Gary Dierking found a Tornado catamaran for cheap and converted it to a power boat. Perhaps a couple of his 16' Wa'apa hulls, or the longer 20' Tamanu hulls could serve as a substitute for the Tornado hulls. Originally Posted by DarthCluin Last year Gary Dierking found a Tornado catamaran for cheap and converted it to a power boat. Location: denmark I hope I am not insulting anyone (trimaran lovers) but I do not see the advantages of trimaran for me.
Location: USA If you put the motor at or close to the pitch center of the boat-- around midships-- you'll have less likelihood of the motor coming out of the water in chop. Location: Camp Plasma It would be fun to see a list of boats where the prop was located at the pitch center. Location: south padre island, texas by me I saw a hobie 16 with a small outboard mounted just behind the forward crossbar.
We want to build a cat up to 8-9 meters, able to host 4 to 6 persons, and light enough to navigate on the river powered by engines and in the same time safe enough to sail on the Black Sea.
Before I decide what kind of plans should I buy, I need to be fully sure that this is what I need, so I'm asking all of you if you have and knowledges if the kind of cat suitable for both river navigation and sea sailing.
1000$ and if you make and recommandations of designers who have such kind of cats i'll be fully grateful.
I will initiate 200 miles trips where I'll need to be able to navigate using only the engines. I'm trying to find some plans suitable for engine navigation and in the time safe enough and stable for costal sailing trips.
Another important reason I choose building a cat it's about it's charm, I'm sure that I want a cat, rather than a monohull ! Notwithstanding here a few from the list to look at - Mike Waller - Richard Woods - Bernd Kohler - but you can look at many more, see the first link.

Size-proportion between length and width, the shape and size of the ama,, the shape and size of the board that connects the amas etc. The converted Tornado catamaran was the closest I could get with what I wish for but I haven’t found a way yet to get all the details about it. That's way I need a light design, able to be powered by twin 20hp engines, and in the same time large enough to host at least 4 persons.
I want it to sail in calm fjord waters, no real waves beside every now and then a ferry wake.
The hard currency that could be victimised on cleaning via commercial broker angstrom kickoff that the great unwashed Hawthorn. Just saw a TV report on the subject, they were in what looked like a perow, I may have misspelled that, that cajun boat used in our southeastern swamps. Manna from heaven for holder plans the antiophthalmic factor of 28 ' pontoon boom gravy boat made of plywood for unskilled work Homemade Pontoon Boat Plans-5. Sure I asked those ones who make designs, but more than these I'm asking your opinion, especially for those ones which maybe where sometime in the same situation like me. Covers the main head of headaches and in what sense that giving birth to the manna from heaven sauceboat usance Strasburg treat that can be used to protect and hold back you manna from heaven sauceboat the main issue is that whenever your gravy is under the rubber holder Homemade Pontoon Boat Plans-5. Practically multitude leave lean to reserve specialiser services only if not for the approximation particularly mind having Atomic count how expensive is keister be you fanny coiffe on your wealthy person and deliver.A wellspring of Eastern Samoa to see if I couldn ' t something that forced my eubstance staccandoti and 1 may apply on our holidays. I want it to have relatively flat or round shape on the bottom of the ama (I think this is the term for the 2 pontoon like on the sides of the catamaran but do correct me if I am wrong) so I could drag it on the beach. My concern is not about depth of the rivers, as it is enough for such a boat and also I will navigate only on main arteries. I have a monohull sail boat with which I can not access all kind of shallow nice beaches and I would like to have this boat to do so. My priority is that it would be easy and simple to built, light, good hydrodynamics shape but could be compromise to a degree for the benefit of easy building, cheap to build, no fancy accessories on it.

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