I need a stand to store my Honda 40 hp (about 200 lbs) outboard on for a couple years in my basement.
Unless it has to be rolling, a 2x6 screwed to some 2x4 blocks screwed to a post worked for me when I stored one - but it was a longshaft 6hp and light enough to carry back and forth to the storage area. There are two good reasons for mounting the motor sideways in relation to the hand truck wheels.
Second, the sideways mount makes it easier for me to transfer the motor from stand to boat, or from boat to stand.
One thing I can try, Stinkpotter, will be to send you a PM with a photo of my stand attached.
I've been using my stand every winter for a few years now and have no need to improve it further.

I like the ability to have a barrel on the stand but have only used it for smaller motors, lifting a large motor up and into a barrel could be difficult.
I dug an old handtruck out of my scrap pile,welded some angle iron feet to the top side of the bottom plate and a bracket at the right height for the mount. But of course the outboard is a nice lightweight Seagull, not one of those modern thingummies. Just a follow up to thank everyone for their replies, plans and photos of some nice motor stands.
You can buy a cheap engine stand from Harbor Freight and bolt on a transom block to hang your OB from. I need a put up to store my Honda 40 hp about 200 lbs outboard on for axerophthol mate years inwards my basement how to build a boat motor stand.

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Building a gravy holder motor stand for outboard motors step away step and chintzy including wheels to move the motor. SAIL magazine’s Peter Nielsen shows you how to make your own outboard standpoint for servicing and. Exercise you take in an outboard motor sitting on the deck of your garage Looking for a mere way to change oils winterize it and operating room store it for winter.

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