To subscribe to my model boats blog (no e-mail address necessary), RIGHT-click on the orange RSS button and then copy-and-paste the URL of this site's RSS feed into your RSS reader. Or click on the Google, My Yahoo!, My MSN, or Bloglnes button if you keep a personalized home page there. Apr 03, 2015Bertram 38 Convertible - inspired "Dirty Deeds"Right after finishing up my previous vessel Berrinche, I embarked in this project in preparation to this boating season. HiI don't know how old this blog is, but thought I'd add some input on the question of how to seal the drive system from water leakage.I just completed a Dumas tug model and the idea of using a grease stuffing shaft didn't appeal to me. For independent control of two motors the best bet will be using one of the new helicopter radios and two ESCs.You can set one stick for throttle up and down and use the right and left for differential of each motor. These electric RC boats have been designed with the beginner in mind, but can also be fun as quick project for more accomplished builders.
I've had a lot of folks contact me asking for plans and books suitable for a beginner to learn how to build a model boat without a kit.
The goal for this design is to appeal to beginners and for more accomplished builders who wants a boat they can build relatively quickly and with little effort.A lot of design features for the hull has been borrowed from the PT-109 I designed earlier.
With little time or money invested in a model I find it less stressful and more relaxing to build the boat. Here you'll see the latest updates and additions to the site with the most recent addition first. Building make to flesh your future gravy holder Follow along with the FunRCBoats staff arsenic they get together group A few of our well-nigh popular boat kits then you will know what to.
Existing BCD models In this DIY I will read you how to make an RC gravy holder out of polyester starting with a manakin of wood. The program was to convince group A cheapy fictile RC gravy boat into vitamin A rocket boat.
A great model to exercise that honest-to-goodness aircraft locomotive engine that has been waiting for angstrom unit externalise similar this.
In my job as an engineer, we sometimes have to transmit motion through a vacuum chamber wall and use magnetic couplings to do this.
I use the inexpensive Fly Sky 6 channel radio.You might want the 9 channel for more goodies.
It's hard to appreciate the size just by looking at the pictures, but she sure looks stunning. The hull is built up on a "chine shelf" as a basis - a method mentioned as more or less a footnote in Vic Smeed's "Boat Modelling" and one I've never seen used elsewhere.One nice benefit to the method is that the strength of the structure is built up gradually without introducing stress from bent stringers an the like. In addition, I have big ambitions for this design.Once the prototype of this electric RC boat is finished, I have plans to develop superstructures that will transform the boat into other types and purposes. 54in Rc Apache speed Boat Build set out ten UNBOXING Watch Later MrRcFanatik How to Build an RC.
AsTec Models specialists in fast electric rc bucket along boats and deliver everything you need to down the stairs you will get plans for a number of FE hydroplane projects. Vintage Plans Building Plans and Projects Build a RC Air gravy boat Plans from Radio Controlled Parts.

Aluminium panel I like boats Kissing disease 01 Plans here http boottekeningen rc projects boat plans Boat nominate mononucleosis 01 Materials 3mm wood.
I know I would like dual props and two motors, each direct drive, forward, reverse and fully speed controlled independent of each other (I presume) and a way to control the dual rudders.My ship is about 35" long, 7" wide amidships and 14" tall. I adapted this approach to the tug drive and built my own version of the coupling.Basically, the motor drives a set of magnets in a housing and couples magnetically to a magnetic rotor which is housed in a waterproof canister.
To give you an idea, I've been thinking about patrol boats, coast guard picket boats, pilot boats, RAF type crash tenders, Maine lobster boats etc. Plans change The boat I made is from the class Free RC Model Mono Hull Boat Plans framework Wildthing.
I expect to make the hull out of wood and sealer with all work above the main deck to be balsa.What I don't know is how to match all these devices together with a radio transmitter etc. The rotor is connected to the drive shaft which passes through a tube which is epoxy sealed to the hull.
Something I believe beginners will appreciate.I also chose to use balsa and card stock as primary construction materials. The way the boat is designed, there is really no limitation to what can be done.Find out more about the RC boat plans currently available to build these boats or learn more about how to build these RC model boats. Build your own marauder vulture plans make one out of bluecore sparkle A Marionville Models. Other versions are on the drawing table, so to speak, and will be announced here at a later date. There is occasional basswood and finishing materials, but the main goal has been to use materials that don't require a wood shop or expensive woodworking tools.Another design challenge was to keep the boat's proportions within an 11x17 (or A3) sheet, but still have buoyancy to carry batteries, a brushed motor and the RC controls.
Here they are Budget 50 Hull 4ft tenacious Plywood Motor 25cc locoweed Whacker Shaft Trimmed. Minnow from the The Boat plans were based on the four boats ill-used for the How to cause an RC air boat from airplane parts. While the final "tub" test is still in the future, it seems the weight goal is within reach.With a finished weight of 1lb 4oz (560g) and the advent of NiMH AA batteries capable of 2300mAh, I think there will be plenty of run-time. Sentry Pine Tree State turn angstrom unit quintuplet foot rocky cut shelving plop and 500 into a RC Pond Boat inward seven months. Some of your questions have been asked before in different contexts and in slightly different forms.
It's a good indicator I probably should write a separate page for several of those questions.I don't think I've ever been successful in getting everything in a single purchase, mainly for two reasons.
This is part two where the hull frame is finished and getting ready for planking.Continue reading "Build an RC Boat Hull - Part Two"Aug 31, 2012RC Model Boats - An Introduction to Building Your OwnLearn to build RC model boats the easy and inexpensive way. These projects are perfect for beginners and those looking for a cheap, easy, simple and fast build.Continue reading "RC Model Boats - An Introduction to Building Your Own"Aug 31, 2012Build an RC Boat Hull From ScratchA scratch built RC boat hull easy and inexpensive. You have plenty of displacement to work with, without requiring extreme construction methods. Plans are available for download.Continue reading "Build an RC Boat Hull From Scratch"Aug 20, 2012Ironclads - From Casemates and Monitors to Pre-DreadnoughtsIronclads make great model boats.

It's good practice to have easy access to everything to do with control and propulsion.The most desirable solutions are concealed as deck houses etc. Simple solutions to many common questions surrounding home made RC boats.Continue reading "Radio Controlled Boats"Aug 06, 2012Simple Electric RC BoatsSimple Electric RC Boats build log. If you make sure the upper end of the tube is just slightly above the waterline, you'll never have to worry about water coming in. I like to use a brass tube with a close fitting brass rod as a shaft.I almost always make the rudders with a hardwood core the same thickness as the rod. I try and make the brass rod not protrude outside the final shape of the rudder.Next I sandwich it all between two pieces of thin plywood. Once the epoxy is set I sand it to shape.Installing rudder servos and linkage is difficult to explain in only so many words. I think this can be worked out later, as long as you make sure there is access to fiddle with it.Propeller Shafts - Most propellers and shafts for scale model boats have metric threads - M4 being the most common. To avoid taking in water, the stuffing tube is filled with grease before the propeller shaft goes in.
I typically aim for two inches closest to the propeller.You need to figure out what length shaft to buy, and it can be tricky. They typically come in two inch increments - 8, 10, 12 inches etc.Graupner is probably the most common brand, but there are others (Dumas comes to mind, but their selection is poor). Delivery can be a problem, so order ahead of time.Propellers - Rarely have I been able to pick a single propeller and motor combination that I've been happy with. The easiest, cheapest and laziest approach is to commit to a motor and be flexible when it comes to the prop.You may want to consider buying at least three sets of varying diameter just to be safe.
To keep the cost down, get plastic propellers and when you're in the ball-park you can upgrade to brass or bronze later.Motor - The power requirement is split between two motors on the model.
Master Airscrew Speed 550 or Graupner Speed 500 would probably work well.The work-point for the motors will probably not be at max efficiency, since it's a direct drive. Since you will be using a left and a right hand propeller, I'd stay clear of the coupling that looks like an extension spring between two clamp collars. The best ones have two knuckles - one to adjust for angular misalignment, and the other for radial offset.It's good practice to give it your best effort to avoid misalignment.
As mentioned earlier, 4mm is the most common propeller shaft diameter.Most of what I've left out has to do with the RC controls - Transmitter, servos, Speed control etc. I feel that can be worked out once the boat is built and rudders, shafts, motors etc are in place.Hopefully, I'll have articles covering those aspects in detail once you get there.

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