RealCAD is CAD International's most popular professional drafting software series and is our number one CAD software brand. RealCAD LT is the best priced fully professional CAD drafting software in the entire range. Enjoy the cleanest and least cluttered interface ever devised for such comprehensive software. Get up to speed even faster than you imagined - Complete the award winning online training courses that gets rave revues from participants. The same intuitive drafting tools used in the RealCAD Pro version are included in this version too.
Accurate measurements and practically infinite dimensional precision mean RealCAD LT can be used for the most demanding engineering design. Place multiple orthographic views on your layout and as one view is updated, all the same views are automatically updated too. Multiple 'sheet sets' can be open at the same time within a single file, keeping all drawings sheets of a single project together.
The new simplified parametrics built-in to RealCAD LT make changing or creating new instances of objects in your drawing easy too. With RealCAD's flexible approach to the way you use it, you can sketch-in your line work and later stretch and drag your design to the desired size fast and easy.
With RealCAD LT at your fingertips, you'll be joining the world of professional designers using the latest, most comprehensive, easy to use 2D CAD software you can rely on. Support Subscriptionsubscribe and receive the benefits of live response in many different ways. All contents on this site, page or web space are copyright © 1998-2016 - CAD International. Any use of the contents herein without express written permission from CAD International is forbidden and protected by local and international copyright law. 2D Drawings done on AutoCad - to learn how to draw technically as well as relation between softwares. And Yacht project for my first semester that we designed for Masters, which wasn't accepted. The boat is a motor yacht for small series production, of a length between 70 and 90’.
The fresh water capacity should not be less than 1500 l if there is no desalinisation plant. Again, I just have done that, but, if I may, I'd like to make some quick tips:Never you could make correct calculations with Excel. The problem about the lines I think is coming from my knowledge about ship design or from Autocad Spline - function (which I think it is good enough ) not from Excel precision. I also made an interpolation method to find in between points which can give you the precision you need how much points you need is how much excel rows has so this was just test that you saw with few points.

For this last points on the waterline 0 my teacher told me that they end it just smoothly without way of calculating I will appreciate better knowledge if someone has how to end the Waterline 0 lines. About the knucles maybe I need to find a way in Autocad for smoothening the curves with keeping the same calculated area and fixed points. For the exchange between Acad and Excel LeeMac made me script so I can find coordinates X and Y of point intersection of strait line (abscise) and curve (this is useful for gathering coordinates of the limiting sections). About the 3d model I think that T-splines for Rhino has the ability of creases of smooth surface.
Location: Spain In order not to bore too much to other readers, I thought it best to put my response in the attached file.
In LEZIONE 11 - Riprodurre un piano di forma, parte 2 around 9:55 min problem with not crossing curves, and forma need to metain the excatness of the drawing as well as the continuation of the plan curve.
After tutorial I offseted the surface inside using command Offset Surface with flipped direction on inside to mentain the full characteristics.
The problem with this was crossecting surfaces which i trimmed making small line in top ortographic view and then using command trim removed the extending of the 2 inner surfaces and the 2 edge ones to mentain nice edge. Seems like a heck of a lot of work for what you are trying to achieve and as I say well done and good luck to you. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Built on the same platform as the full RealCAD Professional product and with the same core functionality. Requiring half the number of commands and significantly reduced mouse-clicks to achieve the same professional level results. Whether your a season user of older CAD software or completely new to CAD this course is perfect. Proprietary functions like the the Magic Eraser® elevate this software to be the most rapid drafting tool available. Whether your need is for minute nano-scaled microscopic detail or planetary proportions RealCAD LT has no limitation on drawing size or scale. What's more, each viewport has its own independent set of layers that you can switch on or off to display different information without needing to redraw. Multiple sessions of the CAD software can also be running at the same time allowing you to work back and forth between different projects or drawing files concurrently.
Alter an objects size and the dimensions will update - alter the dimensions and the object updates! The unlimited undo and redo will release you from the rigid constraints inherent in lesser software.
You would only need to buy 5 licenses of RealCAD LT and simply install the free viewer version on the other machines.
This allows you to install the license on a server machine and have as many client machines as you like accessing that license.

However, this article will discuss the use of one freely available, but sufficiently powerful, CAD boat design program.
It must contains 3 to 4 cabins, one of which is for the owner (depending of the version), 1 cabin for the crew, living rooms (inside and outside, technical room, the place to store a rib boat and access to the sea. I have not read in detail all the ideas you exhibit, because they are many and need to be devoted enough attention. The splines, with which you drew your boat forms are very treacherous (see attached picture):they have packages that are not eligible when you are projecting a real ship It will not allow you in an easy way make the forms of a ship with knucles. I will start like this if it is not working well I will try to do it on program language like Python, but I like the easy usability of excel because anybody can trace the formulas and learn. In any case, I'll be happy to continue this discussion that talks about some interesting issues.
And in this latest version, new Intelligent Cursor functions bring unparalleled accuracy and speed to your design tasks by intuitively locating key geometry - all without construction lines, key strokes, icon commands, complex cursor movements or cluttered and ambiguous prompts. Need a series of products at a different size, just draw one and drive the others by numbers. Go back to almost any point in the design session, secure in the knowledge that even this can be undone if desired - undo and redo only affects geometry so you'll never loose your viewing position either. It can also Insert image files such as photographs into the drawing and can also run application plug-ins. First, it’s free, and second, it provides you with a sufficient number of useful design data items to actually start building a boat hull. Curves ofr several transversal frames in your drawing must be tangent to the bottom, and they are not. So my problem is how to scale them only by x axis, mentainng relationship of the axis, or how to make new axies for each one curve that looks good and measures exact, what is the exact procedure.
Your files can also be opened, viewed, shared and printed by anyone with a PC simply by having them install the free viewer. So I put a plane surface, and used Intersect command to get a point, then I snaped to it for the last.
Two variants: 1 I am scaling nonproportionaly with block command, but how to figure out good numbers on the x scale axis like 15, 20 rounded by 5, other is just to try to make new axis but how to do it. The difference I divide by the number of 5 because I want nice numbers or what and then I have the number for offset the marings of x lines? Does somebody knows the procedure for drawing axies and then for finding scales on this axes?

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