Summary: New 2013 New Tahoe 24 Fnf Tritoon for sale in Grand Rapids Minnesota - United States . Enjoy a beautiful day on Lake George aboard one of the largest and most comfortable charter boats with a native guide who was born and raised here in Lake George. This customized fishing boat is outfitted with a quiet 115hp Honda four stroke motor, along with all the latest electronic fishing equipment and tackle; whether you want to troll for deep water Lake Trout and Salmon or cast around for Bass and Pike. Unlike regular fishing boats where comfort is secondary and you have to climb over the boat to get in, this boat has extremely comfortable seating for twelve people and the ability to walk aboard from the dock thru an open door.
Your captain, Ed Lockhart, is a licensed captain and outdoor guide with a perfect safety record. We entertain groups of all sizes so don't be cramped on a small boat, it costs no more to hire the finest boat along with a guide who is from Lake George NY. Captain Ed has the personality to entertain people of all ages and show everyone a great time, whether you're a serious fisherman or on your first fishing trip. Our top quality helm chairs swivel to face the water, so you can fish like a pro or sit back and enjoy the Adirondack surroundings.
Our 115hp four stroke Honda motor is clean, fast, reliable and quiet. We can accommodate larger families and groups on our vessel saving you money from hiring or renting two boats, it's much better keeping your family or friends together on the same boat.
Captain Ed Lockhart is the only native Lake George charter boat captain operating on the lake, born and raised in Lake George.
Learn the local history, experience great fishing and marvel at the crystal clear waters of Lake George.
No driving worries, we will come to you! If you're staying at a Lake George lakefront motel, resort, time share, condo or private rental we will come to you.
Our rates include everything with no hidden charges. In comparison to renting a boat and taking it yourself, we provide all the gear, gas, guide services, a bigger and better boat and someone who baits up hooks and untangles lines so you can relax on your vacation!
I will take you around the islands and bays using live bait, crank baits, Yamamoto soft plastics and other top quality lures for some of the best sport fishing New York State has to offer. Your Captain accepts payment at the beginning of the trip in cash, certified check or money order; we do not accept credit cards or out of state checks on the boat. If you wish to pay with a Credit card, payment can be made before the trip thru the Paypal site listed above.
Thanks for showing us a great time on the lake on Saturday. You look us out for the 5pm - 8pm trip which was awesome! Everyone had a blast and i'll definitely recommend your services and we'll hopefully be back at some point in the future. We wanted to thank you for a wonderful fishing trip. Tommy, Don and I had a wonderful time. My son (Brett) and I want to thank you for a very memorable fishing trip you provided for us this past Monday evening! The boat, the gear, the information you shared regarding the Lake George region and your obvious skill couldn't have been better for me, considering! Most importantly I want to say thank you (and thanks to my bro-in-law John for finding you), for an experience that most blind people would never have. My husband and I were going through our photo albums with our children and came across your brochure from 1997. I just wanted to take a moment and again thank you for a great day of fishing, stories and just being on the lake. I just wanted to get this note off to you to tell you what a terrific experience you provided for my wife and me on May 29 2010 just 4 short days ago. Hunter and I really enjoyed the afternoon and we both can't thank you enough for such an outstanding day. I just want to thank you for another great time, though the conditions were tough your knowledge and company made it another great trip. Sharon and sled ed feel the same way and we'll see you soon. All rights reserved by Ed Lockhart any reproduction, or other use of this site or its elements is prohibited without the express written permission of Ed Lockhart.
There’s truly no better way to enjoy the bright waves and sunny skies of the Florida coast than by getting out and enjoying the sand and surf with a pontoon boat rental.
Furnished with comfortable seating, a 22′ pontoon is sure to please your whole group. With a capacity of 12 people and ample storage for food and beverages, the 25′ pontoon is like having your own personal island for sun bathing, lounging, or picnicking on the water. Each of our boats comes equipped with everything you need to safely enjoy your time on the water.
Plan a family gathering: Since a pontoon rental can fit up to twelve people, it’s ideal for family reunions or just a day out on the Intracoastal Waterway. View unique wildlife: Peck Lake is just a short boat ride away from our Jupiter location, and it’s a perfect place to see manatees, sea turtles, and beautiful birds. Visit a historic site: Peanut Island, located near West Palm Beach, is a popular destination for tourists.

This larger style custom pontoon boat is a very stable on the water and has room all around the boat, so you won't be confined to just the back end of the boat.
Our pontoon boat can get into the shallowest water to fish for Pike and Bass where other charter boats could not possibly go.
Our fishing boat, the Nathan Brown, was named after one of our local heros who was killed on Easter day in Iraq.
I take pride in showing you the highlight of your Lake George vacation and giving you and your loved ones the memories that will last a lifetime.
Pontoon boats offer much more space than regular boats, instead of cramping people in the back of the boat, you can use the entire boat for fishing.
We can make arrangements for corporate groups and extended families for multiple fishing boats.
With a lifetime of knowledge of the lake, the area, the people and the history of Lake George, Captain Ed will share the local best kept secrets.  The Lockhart family settled on the east side of Lake George in 1820 from Scotland and has many generations of outdoor guides. If you are planning a group boating adventure, we also accommodate everything from wedding groups to bachelor parties.
If you are planning a camping trip to a Lake George island (Long Island), I will come to your site and pick you up; first class service!! When you charter with us you will not have the financial responsibility of a boat, security deposits or paying for gas and sales tax. We offer a boat that is perfect for "conventional fishing" and we specialize in pleasing the fisherman who just wants to cast out and catch a fish while you're reeling in. I agree totally with everything he said but just wanted to add a few words from me personally.
My being blind turned out to be no obstacle at all; your boat, equipment and help were exactly right for the situation. That summer we come up to Lake George with my family and we took a fishing trip on your boat and we took pictures and sent them to you.
We desperately needed some relaxation and in the 4 hours we spent with you we got all of that and more. At Beach Water Sports, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high-quality, affordable boat rentals. This includes life jackets, a whistle or horn, an anchor, a bimini or T-top for shade, and throw cushions.
This lake is also near the ocean, so boaters often anchor their pontoon boat rentals and walk the few hundred feet to the beach.
That’s why we offer private boat tours, deck boat rentals, ski boat rentals, and fishing boat rentals, as well as kayaks, jet skis, and paddleboard rentals.
Our 26' custom Harris "Fisherman" Pontoon boat has over two hundred and twenty square feet of fishing room for up to a dozen people.
We offer free photographs and videos of your trip so come aboard and enjoy a day of friendly service, great fishing and beautiful scenery. Able to go in much shallower water in pursuit of fish, this boat offers casting room for all and is very stable on the water.
With your captain as your guide, you will discover fishing methods and experience exciting fishing aboard one of the largest, most comfortable charter boats on Lake George. Our goal is a 110% good time, whether you want to fish or just sit back and enjoy the scenery. After you have compared the hourly cost of Lake George boat rentals, you will see that your best investment on the lake is Lockhart Charter Service. With the ever rising cost of fuel, bait, tackle, dockage, maintenance and insurance; the fishing business and boating have become an expensive sport. Fran loved the boat ride and Mike and Mike just enjoyed getting out on the lake. Thanks again for a great trip. Don and I appreciated your easy instruction - I couldn't believe I caught a fish the first time I cast my line in the water. Even when we did get a nice day, and kept you out well past the planned 4 or 6 hours, you never flinched. You made a brochure with one of the pictures of my son with your daughter (black and white and later on in color. Josh was so excited about catching so many fish and it will be an experience he will remember for a life time. It was made possible because we all came to a conclusion that night that you we simply a down to earth guy without an attitude.

In fact, my wife was singing your praises and telling everyone at Diamond Cove Beach about your fish locator skills!!
Your easy going nature and ability to put us on fish made the experience exactly what I had hoped for. I just looked at the picture of them on the web site and they look great! Again Ed, thanks for a fun filled day of fishing and when I am back up in the Lake George area I will call ahead and book a new trip with you. If you’re looking for a way to immerse yourself fully in the beautiful outdoors of the Sunshine State, request a reservation online or contact us at 561-745-6900 (Jupiter) or 772-225-2000 (Stuart).
Pontoon boats in particular are ideal for grandparents and children, since their low platforms make it easier for those with limited mobility to access the boat.
Kennedy’s bomb shelter built during the Cold War or enjoy the crystal waters and white sands of the island’s beautiful beach. If you’d like to make the most of your vacation, contact us at 561-745-6900 (Jupiter) or 772-225-2000 (Stuart). This auction does not come with the wood grain floor but we can order it for you for more money. Configure Watch VideoSport Family 14'Sport Family RE 18'Sport Bow Fish 14'Sport Bow Fish RE 16'Sport Family 14'Mate HelmstandThe Sport is the perfect boat for small lakes, small gas or electric motors, easy hauling, and sunset cruises for 2 or 4.
It is more enjoyable to fish closer to the water than way up off the lake like some boats are, you are closer to the action! Why rent a little 18' boat when you can have a 26' custom pontoon with a captain and all the gear and gas supplied.
We prefer to meet you at the Castaway Marina on Route 9L near Ridge Road. The Castaway Marina offers a wide range of boating services, boat repairs, parking, launching, gas and boat sales along with a friendly staff. Any fishing guide or first mate especially appreciates a tip, it helps offset these rising costs. A special thanks for taking such good care of the younger kids, both with the fishing and just generally keeping them entertained. Your trip started our vacation out on a perfect note with tons of wonderful memories. Thanks again for a wonderful time!! Even on a finicky day for fishing, following a couple days of rain, you found us plenty of bass, and big ones to boot. Even Mark who didn't catch as many as Josh commented that just being together and enjoying the time spent together was a treasure. As a result , my wife and I each caught about 15 fish which were released to get  bigger for next time. We also will meet you at the public docks in Lake George village or pick you up at your Lakefront motel, resort or residence.
Our fishing business also depends on marinas (like Castaway) to be able to operate and we ask that you please respect the marina and the privacy of the boats that are docked there. We definitely plan on coming back either later this fall or next spring for another go around! This summer we had friends come up and told them to look you up if interested in fishing they came and said they had a great time.
We will definitely make another trip up to fish and will take my wife who after hearing our story seemed like she would enjoy it as much as we did.
My wife had never done any thing involving the outdoors and she had a perfectly wonderful day. This motor is a factory second Mercury high performance racing 4 stroke motor with full warranty. Superior quality pontoons, anodized railings, matrix 50 vinyl and aluminum seat bases will provide years of durability. My personal thanks to you, Ed, for having fulfilled what I had dreamed this vacation would be for me, my brother-in-law Doug, and my dad. Your pontoon boat was very easy ion her as she can have motion sickness but with your boat , no problem.
In those rare moments when you were not expertly guiding us toward where the fish were, you tested my knowledge of TV and Movie western trivia, provided excellent conversation and local history lessons and some outstanding suggestions on where to eat.

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