I wonder if anybody has seen a model canoe kit in the UK, I have only seen them on US websites. I would build one from scratch, but it's for a purpose and I don't really have the time for that. I have a vague recollection that some years ago Endless River were selling model canoe kits at the SCA paddling expo thing in Perth. Bikemec made one for me too, although mine is green and much smaller, but still a brilliant piece of workmanship.
I build all my own furniture and things so the wood part of things I hope won't be a problem.

The biggest problem I can see at the moment is finding a scale size to make the forms for a strip as I think this would probably be the best way to go. Back in the old days, there were a lot of simple plywood boat plans in magazines, most popular were sailboat plans, canoe plans and kayak plans.
Below are free download boat plans that are so old, their copyrights expired and they get passed around the internet.
They aren't PDRacers, but becuase they are plywood boat plans they have interesting details which you might adapted to your duck, and might help you understand more about building boats in general. Back to PDRacer Free Boat Plans including full download wood boat plans from professional boat designers.

Another member has sent me through some plans for a full size boat that I may be able to scale down.

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