Homosassa Pontoon Boat Rentals, Jon Boat Rentals in Homosassa, Canoe and Kayak Rentals on the Homosassa River. Note: Boats are rented with maximum number people allowed, HOWEVER you know the size of your people and the amount of coolers, etc you will be taking on the boat. The only Boat rental discount available is: Rent a boat for three (3) or more consecutive days and receive a 15% discount. Please contact us about planning your next adventure on the Homosassa River in Old Homosassa Florida! Please consider this when you are making a reservation, the more weight on the boat the slower it will be and lower it will sit in the water.

If you arrive and the weather has turned bad we give you the opportunity to look at the radar and make the decision to go or not.
No, during the winter months there are seasonal slow speed zones due to manatees being in the area. No, because the scallop grounds are approximately 4 miles past the mouth of the river in the Gulf and takes over 1 i?? hours each way. Once you do decide to go and payment has been made we do not give refunds for early returns.
The covered gazebo, with soft night lighting, by a small waterfall and koi pond is a nice place to read or gaze over the beautiful waters of Lake Hartwell.

One quarter mile to a boat launch and a boat trailer storage area.For you NASCAR fans, Toccoa has its own round-a-round race track! The kids will love the excitement on Saturday evening.Spend a family vacation in the beautiful North Georgia Mountain area.

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